"Fallingwater in Focus"

Tribute Gifts

A gift to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy is a wonderful way to honor or remember a relative or friend. A special acknowledgement will be sent to the family of the person memorialized.

In memory of
Bradford Barnes
Barbara and Richard Ley

In memory of
Charles Briggs
Carol and Ron Stomieroski

In memory of
Mae Thompson Carrow
Millstein Charitable Foundation

In memory of
Dean H. Cochran
Mr. Arthur J. Silber

In memory of
Arthur Damick
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Manes
Mr. and Mrs.
Robert M. Weintraub

In memory of
Judy Jose’s father
Mr. Andrew I. Burness and
Ms. Hope Burness Gleicher

In memory of
Dr. Roger Latham
Mr. and Mrs.
Martin J. Bayly, Jr.

In memory of
Janet M. Hrinda Parker
Custom Engineering Company
Ms. Suzanne Klier

In memory of
Joseph R. Rizzo
Ms. Sharon E. Christ
Mr. Albert P. DeSalvo III
Ms. Rebecca Mulholland
Penn State Beaver
Mr. Scott F. Simonds

In memory of
Ms. Helen Rohm
Mrs. Lori A. Wolff-Brucker and
Mr. John R. Brucker

In memory of
Audrey Walko
Mr. Bruce R. Connelly and
Ms. Mary Kay Frey

In memory of
Esther M. Stehle
Ms. Marie Monarko

a scenic view

In honor of
Baby Alcantara
Ms. Christina M. Stile

In honor of
Franklin Blackstone, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks M. Bartlett

In honor of
Alice Doolittle at Christmas
Mr. Courtenay Pearce Jr.

In honor of
Joan E. Gottlieb
Blackridge Garden Club

In honor of
The Leavitt-Krill family
Mr. Mark Gendron

In honor of
Judith Linaburg
Mrs. Dolores W. Smith Barber

In honor of
Hugh Lewis Lobdell’s birthday
Margaret and Pat McArdle

In celebration of
their wedding

Mr. and Mrs.
Hugh Lewis Lobdell

In honor of
Martha Szymanowski
Laurel Point Grange #915

In honor of
Annie Wilson at Christmas
Ms. Rebecca Logan

2009 Members' Day and
Annual Meeting

WPC invites our members to celebrate what we’ve accomplished together. We’d also like to thank you for your loyal membership support.

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The Fallingwater Cookbook

The Fallingwater Cookbook takes readers into the kitchen of Fallingwater and the world of the Kaufmanns, who entertained many famous guests at their weekend retreat.

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Safeguard Your Future

For 77 years, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy has protected this region’s land, water and wildlife. We haven’t done it alone – as a loyal member, you have played a vital part.

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