"Northern Woods"

Your Legacy with the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

In 2010, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy embarked on a major effort to help reach its goals for its impact on the region during the next decade, which include conserving 50,000 additional acres of land and restoring and protecting 1,500 more miles of rivers and streams. We also committed to ensuring that WPC can continue to enrich our cities and towns with gardens, street trees and green spaces, and to ensure Fallingwater’s future preservation and educational programs.

Bioswales capture storm water close to the source, reducing roadway flooding, ponding and sewer overflows.

Because protecting the best of Western Pennsylvania was too important to delay, we set forth on the Our Shared Legacy campaign to raise $40 million, which will significantly advance us toward achieving these transformational goals.

Thousands of people like you have responded with enthusiasm, making annual gifts, special gifts and documenting bequest intentions for the future. Together, our donors have contributed nearly $34 million, of which $4.6 million – or nearly 14 percent – is future bequests.

In addition to outright gifts that will help us today, you can make a significant contribution towards these goals without changing your current standard of living. A simple way to establish a charitable legacy with WPC is to add the Conservancy as a beneficiary in your will, retirement plan or life insurance. A charitable gift annuity that pays guaranteed income for life may also be a good option for you.

For more information, contact Carey Scheide Miller, senior director of development, at 1-866-564-6972 ext. 2356 or

Our Shared Legacy

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