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Perspectives Newsletter

Perspectives is a publication celebrating the lives and experiences of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy's members, partners and volunteers.

Spring 2022

In this issue of Perspectives, we focus on community science, also known as citizen science, which is a way for the public to voluntarily enhance our work through scientific observation, discovery, data collection and species tracking.

Spring 2021

In this issue of Perspectives, we focus on diversity, inclusion and equity, which is one of the Conservancy’s core values and weaved into how we work.

Spring 2020

In this issue of Perspectives, we provide an overview of Fallingwater’s and the Conservancy’s education programs and partnerships that are providing opportunities for the next generation to experience and learn from nature and architecture.

Spring 2019

In this issue of Perspectives, we highlight our wonderful and dedicated members and why their dedication and support matter to the Conservancy. Read the stories of a few fellow members who became supporters because of their interest in nature or by volunteering.

Spring 2018

In this issue of Perspectives, we highlight internship opportunities at the Conservancy. Read about the accomplishments of our former interns and how their experiences helped shape and inspire their career paths and lives.

Spring 2017

In our introductory issue of Perspectives, the Conservancy highlights the transformative and meaningful outdoor nature experiences of a Conservancy member and volunteer.