Watershed Conservation

Bathymetry Mapping and GIS Services

The Conservancy's watershed conservation staff provides expertise and technical assistance for water quality and riparian area monitoring, macroinvertebrate sampling, habitat evaluations and monitoring protocol development, among other areas of specialty. Our trained staff is also available to serve on project steering committees, technical committees and advisory boards at the local, state or federal level.

We provide GIS services.

Uses for Bathymetry Mapping and GIS Services

Our watershed staff has experience in mapping different bodies of water to create bathymetric maps. This technology can be used underwater to map Western Pennsylvania's glacial lakes, as well as provide field and analysis information to interested parties. This technology and application would be useful for other projects in need of low-cost, high-resolution mapping. Whether you require a basic set of watershed maps, in-field data collection, database development, and/or spatial analysis, the Conservancy has the expertise to meet your conservation and geospatial needs.

How We Can Help

We strive to develop mapping solutions scaled to the individual users. We can help local nonprofit organizations, municipalities, state agencies, small businesses or national conservation organizations. We also are available to consult with you for specialized GIS services. Examples of the services we can provide, include:

  • Thematic map development & cartography
  • Bathymetric mapping and analysis of rivers and lakes
  • Integrated GPS & field data collection and analysis
  • Watershed or regional scale database management and analysis
  • Conservation planning & prioritization for best management practice installation
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