Watershed Conservation

Biological Surveys

The Conservancy's watershed conservation staff provides expertise and technical assistance for water quality and riparian area monitoring, macroinvertebrate sampling, habitat evaluations and monitoring protocol development, among other areas of specialty. Our trained staff is also available to serve on steering and technical committees, and advisory boards at the local, state or federal level.

Bio surveys for conservation services

How We Can Help with Biological Surveys

The Conservancy's scientists have extensive expertise in macroinvertebrate, fish, freshwater mussel and eastern hellbender salamander surveys. Our trained staff can use the information collected from these surveys to determine stream health and provide solutions for water quality improvements. Our scientists are:

  • Certified in SCUBA to perform freshwater mussel surveys
  • Trained to collect macroinvertebrates using various protocols and can identify organisms down to the genus taxonomic level
  • Trained in surveying fish using a backpack electrofishing unit(s)
  • Qualified to perform hellbender and mudpuppy surveys and research
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