TreeVitalize Pittsburgh

Working in partnership with community groups, nonprofits and municipal agencies, TreeVitalize Pittsburgh has planted more than 38,500 trees in 57 municipalities in Allegheny County and 73 City of Pittsburgh neighborhoods since 2008 in an effort to improve the quality of life and the environment in the Pittsburgh region.

TreeVitalize Pittsburgh is a joint project of Allegheny County Parks, the City of PittsburghTree PittsburghPA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.

TreeVitalize Pittsburgh

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TreeVitalize Pittsburgh currently supports street tree plantings within the City of Pittsburgh.

TreeVitalize Resources

Find out more about TreeVitalize requirements, forms and tree care guidelines.

Pittsburgh Street Tree Inventory

A comprehensive inventory of the city’s street tree population

TreeVitalize Pittsburgh is an application based, community tree planting program. If awarded, your community will receive:

  • From 10 to 100 trees planted at your location, based on your group’s request, capacity and level of experience. The number, species and type of trees awarded will be determined by TreeVitalize.
  • Tree planting site preparation and maintenance materials such as tree stakes, arbor ties, mulch and watering buckets.
  • Community forestry expertise from TreeVitalize Pittsburgh partners.
  • Priority enrollment for Tree Tenders training offered at various locations.

The interactive mapping application showcases the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy’s work throughout the region including where TreeVitalize tree plantings have taken place. The tool will generate a custom map that displays different projects on map layers.

Look for the "TreeVitalize" layer to see where TreeVitalize trees have been planted to date. For assistance with the application, please see the help guide.

Why Trees?

Trees are good for business.
Shaded business district = 11% increase in business. -Center for Urban Horticulture, University of Washington

Trees help keep people healthy.
Trees outside hospital windows = almost 1 full day less recovery time and fewer pain killers for patients. -Center for Health Systems and Design, Texas A&M University

Trees are environmental workhorses. 
20,000 new trees = $800,000 worth of utility savings to our region annually. -City of Pittsburgh Shade Tree Commission

Trees play a key role in storm water management.
Large trees can intercept upwards of 2,000 gallons of rainfall annually. -Midwest Community Tree Guide: Benefits, Costs, and Strategic Planting by McPherson, E. et al.

Trees help build strong communities.
Planting a tree within 50 feet of a house = increased property value of about 9%. -Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania

Trees beautify our communities for generations. 
The lifespan of an oak = 400 years or more -Trees of Pennsylvania by Ann Fowler Rhodes & Timothy A. Block

For More Information:

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
800 Waterfront Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Alicia Wehrle
Community Forestry Project Coordinator

For more information on how to partner with TreeVitalize to bring trees to your neighborhood, visit the Apply to TreeVitalize section.