Our Members Matter

Our work would not be possible without our members!

The remarkable generosity and commitment of more than 10,000 current members, and all those who came before them since the establishment of our membership program in 1958, have made so many amazing things possible, including:

  • WPC Members Day 2014More than a quarter-million acres of land with ecological and recreational values protected
  • Ten state parks, including Ohiopyle, McConnells Mill and Moraine, established and acreage added to other state parks, game lands and state forests
  • More than 3,000 stream miles restored through streamside projects that enhance water quality and provide habitat for fish and other aquatic life
  • More than 130 community gardens and green spaces flourish in 20 Western Pennsylvania counties, hundreds of hanging baskets and street-side planters in downtown Pittsburgh, and more than 30,000 new street trees in Pittsburgh’s “under-shaded” neighborhoods and regional towns such as Johnstown, Ligonier and Erie
  • More than five million Fallingwater visitors have experienced the genius of Frank Lloyd Wright through public tours and a robust education program that enhance visitors’ understanding of Fallingwater and the natural world

You can rest assured that we are using your donations in the most efficient way. The Conservancy consistently earns the highest designation – four stars – from Charity Navigator for our careful use of donations. This means that we’ll make your support count, and we’ll make it last.

Meet Our Members

Karen and Thomas Hoffman

Members Since: 2016

The Hoffmans' yard is full of mature trees, but when a diseased large oak tree had to be taken down, Tom decided to turn 1,500 square feet of his  front lawn into a garden to support pollinators. "Hummingbirds and finches come to the garden, as well as several species of bees, at least seven types of butterflies and several types of moths," says Tom. "The biggest surprise for me was how much your senses come alive when you have to work with your face down near the flowers and shrubs. The smells, the feel, the activity going on in a garden — you miss that when you only look at a garden from a distance."

Joyce and Larry DeYoung

Members Since: 1985

“We are excited to learn about WPC’s conservation efforts in the French Creek region," which Joyce calls home. "Western Pennsylvania is one of the most beautiful areas in the eastern U.S. and we are delighted to join the Conservancy in protecting our magnificent landscapes.”

Paul and Anne Mooney

Members Since: 1989

“When we first moved here in the mid-1970s, we quickly noticed that most of the places we cared about, such as Fallingwater, McConnells Mill, and the Laurel Highlands, were places that the Conservancy cared about as well. Over the years, we have noted many other examples, including the community gardens.”

Richard and Marie Ulsh

Members of the Heritage Circle

“We trust the Conservancy’s leadership to achieve the greatest impact possible with our support.”

Tim and Carolyn Thyreen

Members Since: 1993

“We are deeply committed to helping conserve the natural beauty of Western Pennsylvania. The Conservancy transforms the region on many fronts – land and water conservation, and Community Greenings. I am pleased to play a role in shaping the region’s future through serving on the Conservancy’s board of directors and through financial giving.” ”