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Community Vegetable Gardens

The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy is pleased to partner with Grow Pittsburgh to provide material and technical support to preexisting vegetable gardens in Pittsburgh and across the region. We also provide technical support to Grow Pittsburgh on new community vegetable gardens projects for local communities.

We’ve been working with communities since the late 1970s to grow food as a strategy to reuse vacant land and stimulate neighborhood reinvestment. In recent years, the Conservancy has worked in partnership with Grow Pittsburgh and various funders to assist communities that seek to utilize their vacant land and start their own community vegetable gardens, or to improve the growing on active sites. Thanks to many community support and many volunteers, active community vegetable gardens exist throughout the region. Grow Pittsburgh has compiled a grower’s map if you are interested in learning more or volunteering at a garden in your neighborhood.

WPC and Grow Pittsburgh are currently partnering on the key projects listed below to help community gardeners thrive in their own neighborhood.

Community Garden Sustainability Fund

WPC Vegetable GardensThe Conservancy and Grow Pittsburgh work together to provide materials to existing community garden groups in Allegheny County to improve their long-term growth and sustainability. Community-focused food garden groups can receive materials such as fencing, raised bed components, compost and topsoil, signage, rain barrels and technical assistance services to keep their gardens growing well. The program has been active since 2013, having supported 107+ community gardens with more than $107,000 of materials.

We are no longer designating “Small Potatoes” and “Big Tomatoes” projects. Instead, both application rounds will be open to any size project as long as they fit the specified budget guidelines.

Applications for Round 1 will be open March 1-April 1, 2022.  Applications for Round 2 will be open August 1 - September 1, 2022. For more information or to apply to the Community Garden Sustainability Fund, please visit Grow Pittsburgh's Community Sustainability Fund resource page.

Allegheny Grows

WPC Vegetable GardensThanks to funding through the Allegheny County Department of Economic Development, WPC supports Grow Pittsburgh to provide communities in municipalities outside of the City of Pittsburgh the opportunity to implement new vegetable garden sites.
In 2010, Allegheny Grows was launched as an initiative to provide material, technical and educational assistance to communities committed to transforming vacant properties into community gardens. To date, 33 community vegetable gardens have been built throughout Allegheny County, and more than 60 existing gardens supported.
More information on this program and application information can be found on Grow Pittsburgh’s Allegheny Grows page.

City Growers

WPC Vegetable GardensFor those looking to start a community vegetable garden within the City of Pittsburgh, The Conservancy and Grow Pittsburgh can assist communities through the City Growers program. The City Growers program works with communities ready to start sustainable and productive community food gardens in their neighborhoods.
More information on this program and application information can be found on Grow Pittsburgh’s City Growers page.

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