Community Greening

Thanks to hundreds of generous partners, more than 11,000 dedicated volunteers and widespread community support, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy’s Community Greening program continues to work to green, beautify and enhance our region’s communities.

We’ve been doing this important work since the 1970s, including planting flower and vegetable gardens and street trees, creating green spaces and natural stormwater solutions, hanging flower baskets and installing street planters in downtown Pittsburgh, and providing outdoor green space improvements for school children. We believe greening communities are important components to the quality of life for residents and to spur community action, pride and economic revitalization.

Because of the generosity and collaboration of our members, volunteers, funders and sponsors, our impact is tangible. Together, we’re making a difference and helping to make Western Pennsylvania a greener and more sustainable place to live and raise a family.


Through several initiatives within our Community Forestry Program, we’ve planted 40,000 trees across the region since 2008.


With the help of more than 11,000 volunteers and sponsors, our 130 community flower gardens bring beauty, character and charm to the region.

Downtown Pittsburgh Greening

We are helping to make the core of one of the country’s most livable cities even more livable, with trees, gardens and flowering baskets and planters. 

Natural Stormwater Solutions

We’re working with our partners to install bioswales and other green solutions to help capture stormwater and reduce runoff to our streams and rivers. 

School Grounds Greening

We’ve installed outdoor learning and play areas, and other greening features, at 57 schools and six early childhood centers in the Pittsburgh area.

Ecological Assessments

We work with communities to assess existing green assets and make recommendations for additional opportunities to implement green and natural solutions.

Community Vegetable Gardens

We continue to support existing vegetable gardens so that residents can grow food within their local communities.

Whether you’re interested in participating in a volunteer activity or wanting to provide financial support, please contact us at 412-288-2777 or to learn more about our Community Greening work.