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Do you have a passion for planting trees and flowers?  Would you like to donate your time and skills to make a difference for nature? Whether you enjoy getting out in the woods, or prefer to work indoors in an office setting, we have rewarding volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Each year, thousands of volunteers help make the work of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy possible. You too can make a difference by volunteering to protect and restore our region. Whatever your skill level and schedule, there's a place for you to volunteer to help keep Western Pennsylvania green and beautiful.

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Meet Our Volunteers

Emily Tekelenburg

Emily helps with land stewardship by developing trails, removing debris from natural areas and maintaining native ecosystems by removing invasive species.

Alan Hunninen

Alan helps the Conservancy build and maintain hiking trails on its nature reserves across the region.

Deb Shearer

Deb is the Garden Steward at WPC’s community flower garden at First United Methodist Church in Shadyside.

Dave Wynkoop

Dave volunteers in watershed conservation helping with stream bank stabilization and freshwater mussel relocation, among other projects.

Volunteering at WPC

With five offices throughout the region, you can find a volunteer opportunity near you. Anyone at any age can volunteer with us. (If you’re younger than 18 years of age you’ll just need adult supervision and permission.) Check out the list below for some of the more popular ways you can volunteer at WPC. If you find an opportunity that’s right for you, contact us for more information. Or visit the Current Volunteer Opportunities page to view a schedule and register for an opportunity today!  Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us!

Plant Trees in Pittsburgh and Across the Region

Bring more trees to our region. Join with your friends and neighbors to plant trees along streets and trails, in parks or in areas where trees need to be replaced. Tree planting events take place in the spring and fall.

Registration for this opportunity is currently OPEN.

For more information:
Alicia Wehrle

Help Clean and Stabilize our Rivers and Streams

Every living thing depends on clean water. Help keep our rivers and streams healthy.  Volunteer to clean up a stream, collect water samples or do some heavy lifting to help stabilize an eroding streambank.  You can volunteer anywhere, especially near our offices in Indiana, Ridgway and Hollidaysburg. Volunteer opportunities are available from April through October.

Registration for this opportunity is currently OPEN.

For more information:
Kelly Horrell
Watershed Volunteers Planting Riparian Trees

Register for a Community Garden Event

Looking for a one-day volunteer project for your family, coworkers, students or group?  Do you want to get outdoors and make a street corner or hillside come alive with color?

Volunteer to pull out a community garden in the spring. With 132 community gardens in the region, there’s sure to be one near you.  It’s a great way to give back to your community and it’s a fun team-building activity. So, sign up for you and your group to spend a morning or afternoon getting your hands dirty.  We pull out flowers from early September through late October.

If you’ve got more time to volunteer, consider becoming a Garden Steward.  Garden Stewards take care of the gardens all season long--watering, weeding, and keeping the gardens looking healthy and beautiful. WPC has 132 garden projects for volunteers with different levels of skill, time commitments and responsibilities.

Please see the Volunteer at a Community Gardens page to learn more.

Registration for this opportunity is currently OPEN.

For more information:
Lynn McGuire-Olzak
Volunteer Coordinator
WPC Volunteers planting the Grant Street Garden in Downtown Pittsburgh, PA

Take Care of a Community Garden as a Garden Steward

After its 132 community gardens are planted each spring, the Conservancy relies on a dedicated group of volunteers, called garden stewards, to give regular attention and care to these gardens. Stewards work during the spring and summer months to keep the gardens healthy and blooming into the fall.

WPC is currently seeking volunteer stewards to “adopt” gardens to regularly prune, water, weed and remove litter and debris.

Registration for this opportunity is currently OPEN.

For more information:
Lynn McGuire-Olzak
Volunteer Coordinator
WPC Garden Stewardship

Be an Organizer! Help with Photo Cataloging and Project Filing

Does this sound like you?  You’re interested in plants, animals and biology; you’re interested in photography or cataloging; you have a passion for preservation management.

If this is you, then we’ve got a volunteer project for you in our Pittsburgh office.  The Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program is looking for volunteers to help with a digital photograph-cataloging project. You would work with WPC staff to research, categorize and migrate digital photographs into our online storage system. A great resume-builder for a student looking for cataloging or archiving experience. Volunteers work on this project at our Pittsburgh Headquarters at 800 Waterfront Drive on Washington's Landing (off 31st street in the Strip District), is accessible by bus, bike path or car and offers free parking.

Registration for this opportunity is currently CLOSED.

For more information:
JoAnn Albert
WPC Marginal Shield Fern

Maintain and Restore our Nature Preserves

Do you enjoy hiking and getting outdoors?  Become a Land Stewardship Volunteer! WPC owns and cares for more than 12,000 acres of land free and open to the public for outdoor recreation.  Land Stewardship volunteers help keep these natural areas clean and safe. You can choose from a variety of locations to volunteer from March through November, from the north in Erie County, as far south as Fayette County.  It’s fun, hard work, and you’ll learn a lot, too! For example, you’ll learn from WPC staff about invasive plants that crowd out native species, and how to remove them. You may also work with staff to build and maintain hiking trails, mark property boundaries or clean up an illegal dump. Many hands make for light work!

Looking for a deeper commitment to a land stewardship project? We may be able to match you with a specific property.  You would commit to making a specified number of visits per year and submitting monitoring reports, maps, and photographs documenting your visits. Openings for property-specific assignments are only occasionally available.  We are unable to guarantee that all applicants will be assigned to a specific requested property.

Registration for this opportunity is currently OPEN for the upcoming 2019 season.

For more information:
Andrew Zadnik
Director of Land Stewardship
WPC - Land Stewardship Volunteer Workday

Volunteer at Fallingwater

From assisting visitors, to working at the café, or helping with archiving and clerical projects, there are many volunteer opportunities at Fallingwater. To find out more contact Marie Woof or visit the Volunteer Opportunities page at

Registration for this opportunity is currently OPEN.

For more information:
Ann Talarek
Fallingwater is located in Bear Run Nature Reserve

Help with Clerical or Office Work

Assist the Conservancy and learn more about our conservation and membership efforts. We need volunteers to help with recordkeeping and other administrative tasks at our Pittsburgh headquarters.  Located at 800 Waterfront Drive on Washington's Landing (off 31st Street Bridge across the river from the Strip District), this location is accessible by bus, bike path or car and offers free parking.

Registration for this opportunity is currently OPEN.

For more information:
Kathy Patrignani

Take Photos or Capture Video as a WPC Photographer

Are you a shutterbug? You can use your hobby as a way to volunteer! Photographers are needed to document newly protected properties, member outings and volunteer events such as garden or tree plantings. Volunteers are asked to use their own camera equipment.

Registration for this opportunity is currently OPEN.

For more information:
Jaime Matters
Gravel Lick, photo by David Auel


If you don’t see an opportunity that fits your skill set, please contact us and tell us about your special skills, interests and hobbies. We can still use your help, time and skill to help keep Western Pennsylvania green and beautiful. Chances are, we’ll be able to find the ideal project or opportunity that’s perfect for you! Contact us at 412-288-2777 to see how you can contribute your time and talent here at the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.

The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy considers applicants and volunteers without regard to race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, sexual preference, disability, marital status or veteran status.