Clarion River Paddling Sojourn

2018 Wild & Scenic Clarion River Sojourn

Join us in celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act protecting America’s greatest river treasures. WPC and Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources are hosting a two-day canoe trip along 24 gorgeous miles of the Clarion River in the Pennsylvania Wilds™ region of northern Pennsylvania. Sojourn paddlers will travel the Wild and Scenic River by canoe from Hallton to Cooksburg over the two-day event.

Event Details

Day one of the weekend trip will involve paddling 13 river miles, day two will involve paddling 11 miles for a total of 24 miles. Participants are welcome to attend either day individually.

Day One
The first day includes a 13-mile trip starting in Hallton, Pa. and paddling down river through miles of the beautiful undisturbed Pennsylvania Wilds. Along with a few riffles and small waves, we may encounter a little excitement on Pine Rapid, a class 1 to 1+ designated rapid. We will end  the day at Clear Creek State Park, where free overnight tent camping will be provided. Clear Creek State Park is recognized as an Important Bird Area, so bird watchers, remember your binoculars.

Day Two
One day two, we'll launch from Clear Creek State Park. Sunday’s 11-mile paddle will pass through several Important Bird Areas including a locally known bald eagle nesting area high in the hills of the Wild and Scenic River Corridor. Along the journey, staff members will be available to speak with participants about the flora and fauna found throughout the area, as well as current projects and initiatives taking place throughout the region. The two-day event will come to an end as we near our final destination, Cook Forest State Park, located in Cooksburg, Pa.

About the Clarion
The Clarion River slowly meanders through scenic narrow valleys, past large pools and hardwood forests providing a relaxing scenic trip, welcoming to all levels of boaters. On October 19, 1996, Congress designated the Clarion River as a component of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System.

Several factors contribute to the special scenic value of the river. The unique land form (unique in the region of the Allegheny River basin) of the Clarion River valley contributes a feeling of intimacy to the river. The sinuous, relatively narrow river valley with steep sides and little floodplain provides little opportunity for long, focused views. The steeply forested hillsides of almost continuous mature deciduous and coniferous vegetation contribute to a feeling of remoteness in many places along the river. Two segments of the river, measuring 8 miles and 9.1 miles in length, are classified as scenic.

Sponsors for the sojourn include Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), River Network, Patagonia, and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy (WPC).

Sign Up
Participants are welcome to attend either day individually for $50 or both days as a package for $90. Registration fees include daily meals, canoe rental, tent camp site, educational programs and shuttle service for the event.

To register for the sojourn or for more information, contact Kylie Maland by phone at -814-776-1114 or The registration deadline is Friday, August 10, 2018.