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Paul and Anne Mooney

Members Since: 1989

It wasn’t long after Paul and Anne Mooney settled in the Pittsburgh area when they began to feel a natural connection to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy’s work.

WPC Members - Paul and Ann Mooney

Paul, a member of the Conservancy’s board of directors since 2005, explains, “When we first moved here in the mid 1970s, we quickly noticed that most of the places we cared about, such as Fallingwater, McConnells Mill, and the Laurel Highlands, were places that the Conservancy cared about as well.  Over the years, we have noted many other examples, including the community gardens.”

Over the last year, Paul and Anne contemplated how they could make a greater impact, beyond their annual contributions, on the Conservancy’s work through the Our Shared Legacy campaign.  They concluded that with retirement a few years away, purchasing an insurance policy and making the Conservancy owner and beneficiary was an affordable way to meet that goal.

“We have benefited from the Conservancy’s activities in earlier years,” Paul said, “We would like the Conservancy to use our ultimate gift to continue those activities and pursue new ones so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy the water, land and life here in Western Pennsylvania.”