Sponsor a Community Flower Garden

September 1, 2022

Would your business, organization, civic group or family like to sponsor one of the Conservancy’s community flower gardens listed below? These are among our 130 gardens that bring unique character, beauty and charm to local communities and are important urban habitat for birds and pollinators.

Sponsorships make it possible for us to purchase flowers, mulch, tools and other materials, as well as coordinate the exceptional network of volunteers, which are all needed to help keep the gardens colorful and vibrant, and free of weeds and invasive plants.

  • 1810 Mount Royal Blvd. – Shaler Intermediate School (Allegheny) - View On Map
  • 30th St. & Brereton St. (Allegheny) - View On Map
  • Barry St. & Josephine Ave., South Side Slopes (Allegheny) - View On Map
  • Brownsville Rd. & Margaret St. (Allegheny) - View On Map
  • General Robinson St. & Anderson St., North Shore (Allegheny) - View On Map
  • Greeley Ave. & Josephine Ave., South Side Slopes (Allegheny) - View On Map
  • Greenfield Ave. & Irvine St. (Allegheny) - View On Map
  • Hazelwood Ave., Beechwood Blvd. & Saline St. (Allegheny) - View On Map
  • Liberty Ave. & Commonwealth Pl. – The Point (Allegheny) - View On Map
  • Liberty Tunnel & Rt. 51 (Allegheny) - View On Map
  • Lincoln Ave. & Frankstown Ave. (Allegheny) - View On Map
  • One Heinz St., Sarah Heinz House, Troy Hill (Allegheny) - View On Map
  • Triboro Expressway & Electric Ave. (Allegheny) - View On Map
  • Rt. 173 & E. Cooper St. – Slippery Rock Memorial Park (Butler) - View On Map
  • Bedford St. & Johnstown Expressway (Rt. 56) – Off Ramp (Cambria) - View On Map

Help keep these gardens blooming and buzzing with pollinators! Contact Art Demeo at ademeo@paconserve.org or 412-586-2346 for more details and sponsorship information.