Volunteer to Plant and Care for Trees

Trees are nature’s powerhouses that provide so many community and environmental benefits. With the help of partners and volunteers, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy has restored rivers and streams by planting more than 66,000 riparian trees since 2001.

And through our various community forestry programs, such as TreeVitalize Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Redbud Project, we’ve planted more than 38,500 trees in local cities and towns over the past decade.

But, we’re not stopping with planting 105,000 trees! Help us plant more each spring and fall, and assist with year-round care for the thousands of trees we’ve already planted.

Sign Up Today to Plant and Care for Trees!

If you’re a farmer or landowner with property buffering a stream or creek, contact Alysha Trexler, watershed project manager, at atrexler@paconserve.org or 724-471-7202, for more information about planting trees to help reduce erosion and pollution in local waterways.

Contact Alicia Wehrle, community forestry project coordinator, at awehrle@paconserve.org or 412-586-2386, for more information about volunteering to plant neighborhood trees in parks and along streets and trails.

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