How We Work

2018-2020 Strategic Plan

Every three years, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy undertakes a comprehensive assessment of existing and emerging needs of the region and how our work can proactively address them.

Our 2018-2020 Strategic Plan is an overview of how the Conservancy’s work will progress over the next three years through 11 strategic initiatives. Our strategic planning process provides a deliberate approach to thinking about the future and prioritizing our efforts to make the region better and stronger through our conservation, preservation and restoration efforts.

Protecting Land

Spring Tulips in our Beltzhoover Community Garden We will protect the exceptional places of Western Pennsylvania for future generations focusing on ecologically significant areas and important forested landscapes, watersheds and agricultural, restoration, scenic and recreational lands.

Caring for Protected Lands

We will manage our properties to protect native plants and wildlife, and for people to enjoy. We will provide exemplary stewardship of our properties and conservation easements for their permanent protection.

Conserving Watersheds

We will conserve and restore priority watersheds, resulting in improved water quality, in-stream habitats, riparian corridors, and aquatic life.

Preserving and Presenting Fallingwater

We will preserve Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and conserve the site for which it was designed, interpreting the historic, aesthetic, experiential, and social values they represent for present and future generations of the world community.

Greening Our Communities

We will enhance our region’s cities and towns by implementing high-impact greening projects to promote attractive and healthy environments and livable places and help revitalize communities.

Guiding Conservation with Science

To guide the conservation of Pennsylvania’s natural resources, WPC will provide the highest quality science and analysis to policy makers, resource managers, conservation partners and the public.

Engaging Every Generation

We will communicate the mission and work of WPC to inspire engagement and support across generations.

Educating Our Youth

Recognizing that a sustainable future depends on an engaged and informed youth, we will provide educational activities across program areas using our properties, projects, and staff expertise.

Embracing Our Community

We are committed to diversity and inclusion through focused initiatives and partnerships with our community.

Informing Public Policy

We will take a leadership role in fostering and promoting sound and responsible public policies by building awareness and engagement of public officials to advance and support conservation and restoration, greener communities and preservation of Fallingwater.

Addressing Energy Impacts

WPC will work to avoid and minimize impacts from energy development to Pennsylvania’s land, water and ecological resources through scientific study, public policy and conservation actions.