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2020 WPC Information Sessions

Enjoy these 10-15 minute staff presentations at your leisure.

Fallingwater Institute: Immersive Learning at Fallingwater

Fallingwater Institute programming inspires high school and college students, adult professionals and lifelong learners. Fallingwater’s Curator of Education Ashley Andrykovitch will discuss the immersive, studio-based learning opportunities provided through residencies, workshops and other multi-day educational programs.

Contact Ashley with questions: aandrykovitch@paconserve.org

Midsummer Butterflies of Pennsylvania

WPC Ecologist Pete Woods will present the Conservancy’s ongoing research on several butterfly species of concern, and will teach you about the butterflies you may encounter in Western Pennsylvania.

Contact Pete with questions:

A Beautiful Mess: Large Wood Restoration in the Allegheny National Forest

For the past five years, WPC has been working with the USDA-Forest Service and a host of partners on the Allegheny National Forest to re-establish historic densities of woody materials in streams to restore habitat and natural flow regimes. WPC Watershed Scientist Luke Bobnar will discuss historic conditions and disturbances, as well as methods and observations from this naturally inspired restoration technique.

Contact Luke with questions:

Ecological Home Gardening 101

When preparing your garden this spring, be sure you’re not including any invasive species in the mix. WPC Invasive Species Coordinator Amy Jewitt will let you know which species to say “no” to when shopping at your local garden store or plant nursery and help you become more knowledgeable on the native species that are best suited to the specific conditions in your yard.

Contact Amy with questions:

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