Downtown Pittsburgh
Hanging Flower Baskets

Since 2005, Laurel Foundation has been the sole sponsor of downtown Pittsburgh’s hanging flower baskets, which provide color, vibrancy and a touch of nature for the enjoyment of residents, workers and visitors. Thanks to the foundation, the Conservancy is able to grow, hang and care for more than 400 flower baskets that beautify bridges and major streets of the Golden Triangle during spring and summer months.

WPC Hanging Baskets - Dormont
WPC Hanging Baskets - Smithfield Street Bridge
WPC Hanging Baskets - Western Ave

A high-impact form of streetscape greening, particularly in places without a lot of ground space, hanging baskets add a touch of color and provide unique beauty to community streets and neighborhoods.
Laurel Foundation’s investment in downtown Pittsburgh has spurred other neighborhoods to also partner with us to provide flower baskets in their own commercial corridors.

If your community is interested in partnering with the Conservancy to place baskets
along your main street(s), or to inquire about funding options, please contact :

Arthur DeMeo
Director of Community Greenspace Services