February 19, 202112:00 pm ET

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In the past 50 years, we have lost three billion birds across North America, with the steepest decline in the evening grosbeak population. Scientists began studying wintering evening grosbeaks in Western Pennsylvania in 2017 to learn more about their natural history, ecology and migration movements. They are a species that follows irruptive migration – sudden, but regular mass movements in response to changes in their environment. This winter, we have seen a widespread irruptive migration of boreal finches, including grosbeaks, in numbers we haven’t seen in decades.

Join David Yeany, avian ecologist at the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, for a free webinar to learn about this year’s finch superflight and how we are using new technology to track winter movements of evening grosbeaks and inform the conservation strategies to help protect this species.

About the Presenters

David Yeany II, Avian Ecologist in the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program at the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

David has 16 years of professional experience in conservation biology and ornithological studies. He was born and raised in Western PA, having grown up in Forest County. His current work includes avian ecology and monitoring, wildlife-habitat relationship studies, mapping important habitats for rare species, spatial analysis in GIS and various conservation planning projects.

February 19, 202112:00 pm

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