April 18, 202312:00 pm ET

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Season after season, anglers from across the region fish the cold waters of Erie County’s Elk Creek. A 30-mile tributary to Lake Erie, Elk Creek is one of the most popular destinations for steelhead fishing in Western Pennsylvania. Whether upstream or down, anglers and boaters can find a variety of convenient public access locations to help enjoy these waters. The scenic forested buffer along the creek provides miles of important wildlife habitat for bald eagles, warblers, herons and many other birds and animals. The lower reaches of Elk Creek also host various types of wetlands and several beaver and river otter populations.

To help keep this important ecosystem of floodplain forest, wildlife and waterways thriving, the Conservancy began seeking funding 10 years ago to implement a streambank stabilization and habitat enhancement on its Lower Elk Creek Nature Reserve near Girard Township, Erie County. Now nearly complete, this project will help prevent erosion, sediment and pollutants from entering the stream, ultimately helping to keep the creek healthy and improve water quality.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from WPC Watershed Manager Kylie Maland about the various types of restoration methods employed to help fish and aquatic life to thrive in this important creek. Also, WPC Land Stewardship Manager Tyson Johnston will share the features and benefits of the 92-acre reserve that is enjoyed by humans and wildlife alike! Join us during Earth Week for this fascinating discussion to get an insider’s perspective and a better understanding of the work, partnerships and our longstanding commitment to help restore water quality and sustain one of the most popular fishing destinations in our region.

About the Presenters

Kylie Maland, Watershed Manager

Kylie has a B.S. degree in wildlife and fisheries resources from West Virginia University with more than 20 years of experience as an environmental conservation professional in the nonprofit sector. Since 2006, she has served the Conservancy’s Watershed Conservation Program, currently as watershed manager overseeing projects in the Lake Erie and Ohio River basins. Kylie coordinates partners, resources and funding to provide technical assistance to private landowners and public land managers to implement stream restoration and conservation solutions that improve water and habitat quality. Kylie also provides outreach to communities and landowners, and facilitates partnerships with conservation organizations and regulatory agencies to develop comprehensive watershed conservation plans and action strategies.

Tyson Johnston, Land Stewardship Manager

Tyson Johnston joined the Conservancy in 2010 to manage conservation data and systems for the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program. Since 2016 as the land stewardship coordinator and now the land stewardship manager, Tyson manages Conservancy-owned preserves in northwestern PA and works at the Northwest Regional Office in Franklin, Pa. Tyson holds a bachelor’s of science degree in geography and environmental studies from Slippery Rock University.

April 18, 202312:00 pm

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