Tryon-Weber Woods

Mature beech/maple forest with hiking trail.


  • Sadsbury Township, Crawford County

Dates Acquired

1976 - 2017


Approximately 108 acres

Recreational Activities

Trail Blazes

The painted trail blazes follow a standard protocol for marking hiking trails in North America. Learn what each trail blaze means.


Tryon-Weber Woods is an eBird hotspot! eBird hotspots are the best places for birding around the world. Sharp-shinned hawk, chestnut-sided warbler and veery are just a few of the many species spotted here. is a website and app you can use to: find more birds; keep track of your bird lists, photos, and sounds; explore the latest sightings from around the world; join the world’s largest birding community; and contribute your observations to science and conservation. Visit for more information, directions to hotspots and more.

Plan Your Visit

GPS Coordinates: 41.593104, -80.357313

Directions to the Preserve

Interactive Preserve Map

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