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ECHO Realty

Volunteering since 2011

Each May, ECHO Realty employees prepare, plant and mulch the garden at the Highland Park Bridge in Pittsburgh, and sometimes the garden at Allegheny River Boulevard and Washington Boulevard. Each October, they prepare the gardens for the winter months. Volunteers from ECHO Realty say, “The planting has become an ECHO tradition!”

If you enjoy doing yard work, being active and doing physical labor, and meeting new people, you can’t go wrong with volunteering at a WPC garden! It’s the perfect volunteer opportunity! Definitely do it!

How did you become involved with WPC?

We were exploring outreach and volunteer options for our employees in the communities where we own shopping centers. We had a solid, core group who loved volunteering in the gardens from the first time we did it.

How long have you been a volunteer with us and what motivates you to stay involved at WPC?

Our first volunteer effort with WPC was May 2011 when we planted on the Parkway West/Rt 22 ramp. In 2012, the Highland Park Bridge garden became available. We were excited because the bridge is close to our office; we could all enjoy driving past it throughout the summer! A year or two later we decided to do a garden sponsorship at that location.

What has surprised you most about working with WPC?

We all notice how much work WPC actually does throughout the area, including installing the beautiful gardens that we all enjoy throughout the region all summer long. We don’t take the gardens or the Conservancy for granted anymore!