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Photo of WPC Volunteer Trish Nichols

Trish Nichols

Volunteering since

Trish Nichols volunteers in the land conservation office in Pittsburgh. She also spends two days a month volunteering in the Fallingwater Museum Store. WPC Conservation Administrator Dawn Smith says, “We couldn’t complete the audits or other record-keeping projects without the help of wonderful volunteers like Trish.” Trish is a treasured volunteer who has donated countless hours to the Conservancy for nearly 10 years!

The mission of WPC and Fallingwater is so important to protect and preserve our natural and architectural wonders.

What are your volunteer activities at WPC?

At the Conservancy, I volunteer with the land conservation staff. I review individual land acquisition and easement files for compliance with regulatory agency requirements. At Fallingwater, I volunteer in the museum store and have also been an “Ask Me” guide.

How did you become involved with WPC?

I was retiring and wanted to become more involved with nonprofits that I had been donating to for many years. I first visited Fallingwater about 40 years ago and became a member at the end of the tour. The mission of WPC and Fallingwater is so important to protect and preserve our natural and architectural wonders. When I retired, Melissa Hixon of WPC’s development staff just happened to contact me. She convinced me to get more involved and I have not regretted it!

How long have you been a volunteer with us and what motivates you to stay involved at WPC?

I’ve been volunteering here for 9 years. I am motivated by the mission of WPC and Fallingwater, the high quality of the organization, the dedication of management and staff and by the feeling that my volunteer work is valued.

Tell us about your favorite volunteer experience at WPC?

Convincing 7th grade boys visiting Fallingwater that they did not want to bungee jump down the hillside at the back of the view.

What has surprised you most about working with WPC?

The friendships I have made and how important volunteering at WPC and Fallingwater is to my feeling of self-worth. I miss it when I am away in the winter.

What would you tell someone who is interested in volunteering at WPC?

1. The work you do is valued.
2. It is an excellent opportunity to learn about the business of conservation, which I did not previously know much about.
3. It’s great to meet Fallingwater visitors that are from all over the world.

What do you do when you’re not volunteering?

I am on the boards of the Pittsburgh Public Theater and Wesley Family Services. Along with friends of mine, I enjoy discovering hidden gems in Pittsburgh and the region.

What might we be surprised to know about you?

I binge watch old Westerns. I still want to be Annie Oakley and have a crush on Matt Dillon!

I’d also like to recognize Dawn Smith and Marie Woof for doing an excellent job managing volunteers and making it such a positive experience!