Community Flower Gardens

Community Garden Stewards

After its 130 community gardens are planted each spring, the Conservancy relies on a dedicated group of volunteers, called garden stewards, to give regular attention and care to these gardens. Stewards work during the spring and summer months to keep the gardens healthy and blooming into the fall.

WPC is currently seeking volunteer stewards to “adopt” a garden to regularly prune, water, weed and remove litter and debris. Individuals, community groups or businesses interested in volunteering to steward a WPC community garden should contact Lynn McGuire-Olzak at 412-586-2324 or

City of Pittsburgh Garden Stewards

WPC - Ft. Pitt Tunnel - Rt. 376 Parkway West

Garden Steward Needed - Wenzell Ave. & Broadway Ave.

Kristy Mayer - 810 Rockland Ave. - Beechwood Elementary

Garden Steward Needed - Liberty Tunnel & Rt. 51

Tim Leech - Penn Ave. & Friendship Ave.

Sherry Loy - 2350 Brownsville Rd., Concord Elementary School

Garden Steward Needed - Gateway Center - Faith's Garden

Russell Seigworth - Grant St. at First Ave.

Jeremy Frederick & Donna Olejiniczack  - Liberty Ave. & Commonwealth Pl. - The Point

David Cashmere - Greenfield Ave. & Irvine St.

Janet Murray - Allegheny River Blvd. & Washington Blvd.

John Reynolds, Additional Garden Steward Needed - Highland Park Bridge at Butler St.

Mamie Lee Powell - 2000 Centre Ave. – Pittsburgh Police Department Zone 2, Crawford-Roberts

Janet Thomas & Charles Huber - Centre Ave. & Herron Ave. incorporated in the Bioswale, Terrace Village

Maura Deely - Fifth Ave. & Kirkpatrick St., Hill District/West Oakland

Mary Savage - Frankstown Ave. & Bennett St.

Laurie Cohen - Lincoln Ave. & Frankstown Ave.

Darrell Kinsel - 40th S. Bridge at Foster St.

Darrell Kinsel - 48th St. & Butler St.

Darrell Kinsel - Butler St. near Sawyer St.

Jillian Croce - Merrimac St. & Grandview Ave.

Becky Coger -Brighton Rd. & N. Charles St., California-Kirkbride

Holly Pultz - Brighton Rd. & North Ave., Allegheny West

Kevin Varrato - Chestnut St. & E. Ohio St., East Allegheny

Rebecca Molesky - Columbus Ave. & Fulton St., Manchester

Debra Moyers - General Robinson St. & Anderson St., North Shore

Brian Solesz - Homer St. & Walz Ave., Spring Hill-City View

Ed Gergerich - McKees Rocks Bridge at Rt. 65, Brighton Heights

Tricia Patsileva - Marshall Ave. & California Ave., Marshall-Shadeland

Lynn Glorieux - N. Canal St. & Cedar Ave., Allegheny Commons

Cathy Fodor  - One Heinz St., Sarah Heinz House, Troy Hill

Susie Marriott - Spring Garden Ave. & Vinial St., Spring Garden

Allegheny County Garden Stewards

Regional Garden Stewards

Become a Community Garden Steward:

For more information about becoming a community garden steward or other garden opportunities, please contact Lynn McGuire-Olzak at 412-586-2324 or To sign up and/or see a list of gardens that are in need of a steward click the button below.