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Evergreen Circle Members

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Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Abbs Ms. Becky J. Abel
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Abel Jeannine E. Abel
Ms. Tamara L. Abell Mrs. Barbara K. Abraham
Mrs. Francine Abraham Joseph and Patricia Abrams
Ms. Joan R. Abshire Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Ackerman, Esq.
Judge and Mrs. Daniel J. Ackerman Mr. and Mrs. David W. Adams
Dr. and Mrs. William W. Adams Mrs. Susan Affalter
Ms. Beverly J. Agnew-Kinley Ms. Karen Agostinelli
Dr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Aharrah Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Aiello
Mr. Michael E. Aiken Mr. Blaine F. Aikin
Debra S. Alesantrino and Julie L. Burkey Mr. David A. Alexander
Jean and Michael Alexander Dr. Peter Alexander
Dr. Robert K. Alico Mr. Jay L. Althouse
Mr. Neal Altman Paula and Martin Altschul
Mr. Robert E. Ambrose and Mrs. Sally J. Ambrose Ms. Carol R. Amidon
Mr. Bruce B. Amshel Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Amsler
Mr. Thomas Amundsen Mr. Anthony E. Anderson
Ms. Barbara Anderson Mr. Charles H. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Anderson Mrs. Anne B. Angerman
Ms. Virginia H. Anslinger Mr. Eugene Antley
Mr. and Mrs. Sixto F. Aquino Ms. Eileen M. Arca
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Arezina Ms. Linda M. Argote
Mrs. Jane C. Arkus Mr. Giuseppe L. Arlia
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Armour Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Armstrong
Mr. Lynn Armstrong Mrs. Phyllis M. Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Armstrong Mr. E. T. Arnn and Ms. Mary H. Boyle
Edward and Marsha Arnold Mr. Edward H. Arnold
Miss Elizabeth M. Arnold Mr. John M. Arrigo
David J. Arseneault Ms. Kay M. Arthur
Ms. Norma S. Artman Mrs. Donna M. Artz
Lela L. Ash Dr. and Mrs. George S. Ashman
Ms. Ardyce J. Asire Mr. and Mrs. Lyle J. Ask
Mrs. Mildred S. Astorino David and Virginia Atkinson
Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Atwood, Jr. , M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Aubrecht
Ms. Karen R. Augustine Ms. Corliss Aukerman
Mr. J. Todd Aukerman and Ms. Nancy L. Tolfa Ms. Greta R. Aul
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Auld II Mr. Richard Aurin
Mr. Charles B. Austermuhl Dr. and Mrs. George L. Austin
Mr. Lee Averbeck Mr. Dale C. Bachman
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon S. Bachman Ms. Margie K. Bachman and Mr. Leslie W. Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Back Dr. and Mrs. David W. Badger
Marilyn and Donald Badger Mr. George P. Baier
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Baierl Ms. Mary L. Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bailey Mr. David F. Baillie
Mr. and Mrs. Carl T. Baker Mr. Carl G. Baker and Ms. Grace Danylo
Dr. Carol E. Baker Daniel Baker, V.M.D.
David Baker and Sharon Dilworth Eliott and Deb Baker
Dr. and Mrs. Frank T. Baker Dr. and Mrs. John A. Baker
Mrs. Linda J. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Baker
Mr. Michael J. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Baker Mr. Joseph S. Balaban
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Balchus Dr. Karen Balkman
Ms. Leah V. Ball Mr. Henry F. Balles
Mr. Robert A. Balmer and Ms. Madeline Niewdowski Mr. Francis A. Balog and Dr. Paula B. Bonino
Timothy and Kathy Banfield Trudy and John Banks
Ms. Mary Ann Baran Ms. Diane L. Barati
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Barati Nathaniel A. Barbera, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Barensfeld Mr. Francis J. Barilar
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Barker Neill and Shirley Barker
Mrs. Vera S. Barker Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Barnes
Mr. Richard C. Barney Mr. Dwight Barnhart
Mr. Edward H. Barr Ms. Stella D. Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Barry Amy and Chris Bartels
Mrs. Alice B. Barth Mr. George R. Barth and Dr. George R. Stanley
Ms. Celeste Bartkowiak Mr. and Mrs. Brooks M. Bartlett
Mr. Richard N. Bartlett Mrs. and Mr. Isabelle Bartley
Mr. Harry Bartolowits Mr. Charles T. Baskin
Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Bassett Mrs. Rebecca J. Batta
Mr. James E. Bauer Mr. James E. Bauerle
Mr. John D. Bauerlein Mr. Allen J. Baum and Ms. Elizabeth Witzke-Baum
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Baxa Mr. Alfred H. Baxter
Mrs. Bernadette Baznik Mr. and Mrs. William M. Baznik
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Beals, Jr. Sharon and Bob Beattie
Dr. and Mrs. Warren J. Beaver Mrs. Carol Beavers
Mrs. Sara E. Bechdel Mrs. Dorothy W. Beck
George and Sheila Beck Dr. Dorothy J. Becker
Mr. and Mrs. Lester F. Becker Mr. and Mrs. William C. Becker
Mr. Kenneth Beckerman Mrs. Elizabeth S. Beckman
Dorothy and Nick Beckwith Ms. Michelle K. Behun
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Beiler Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Beiriger
Ms. Martha Belchyk Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Belfont
Ms. Dalia E. Belinkoff Mr. and Mrs. I. Keith Bell
Mr. John F. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Jim Beller
Ms. Carol J. Bengston Mrs. Howard B. Benjamin
Earl Benner and Angela Bidlack Ms. Kathy Benninger and Mr. Paul J. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Bensinger Mr. and Mrs. David C. Benson
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Benswanger Dr. Joseph J. Bensy
Mrs. and Mr. Anne M. Bent Mr. and Mrs. William F. Benton
Dr. E. Peter Benzing Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester A. Beozzo
John L. Berardinelli, M.D. Mr. George R. Bercik
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Berckbickler Ms. Martha L. Berg
Mrs. Carol F. Berger Ms. Cynthia C. Berger
Mr. Robert Berghaier, Jr. Mr. Jeffrey A. Bergstrom
Lester and Nancy Berkowitz Dr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Bernacki
Mr. Jon A. Bernardi Dr. and Mrs. Albert M. Bernath, Jr. , M.D.
Mr. Robert A. Berndt Mrs. Nancy Bernstein and Dr. Robert E. Schoen
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Berry Mr. Dennis J. Berry
Ms. Mara Berztiss Ms. Carrie A. Bessor
Dr. Aya Betensky and Dr. Robert E. Kraut Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Betts
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Bickford Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Biedrzycki
Mr. and Mrs. Dean A. Bierkan Mr. Byron E. Bigelow
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Biggerstaff Mr. Sven Bilen
Ms. Rebecca A. Billings Mr. Roy E. Bires
Mr. and Mrs. G. William Bissell Mr. Thomas E. Bitner, Jr.
Ms. Jane M. Bittcher Ms. Christina Bitting
Mr. James E. Bittner Mr. Charles R. Blackburn
Mr. Robert W. Blackham Donna Blackmon and Timothy McGuire
Ms. Barbara Blackmond and Mr. Costas G. Karakatsanis Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Blackstone, Jr.
Ms. Martha L. Blackstone and Mr. Robert J. Boyle David Blair and Marianne Bokan-Blair
Mr. Edward N. Blair Mrs. Erma G. Blair
Mr. Kenneth B. Blair Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Blair
Drs. Joseph and Michelle Blanda Mrs. Carolyn E. Blaney
Ms. Diane C. Blanton Diana and Robert Blaschak
Mr. Thomas Blazina Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Bleech
Mr. Michael Blehar and Ms. Beth A. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Bleier
Richard D. and Judith L. Bliley Mr. and Mrs. Jerald L. Bliton
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Bloch Dr. Marian R. Block
Mr. William A. Blose Ms. Judith A. Bobenage
Ms. Andrea A. Bodnar Mr. Samuel L. Boglio
Mr. and Mrs. Emil S. Bolha David and Claudia Bonacci
Marguerite Bonaventura, M.D. Ms. Zoe E. Boniface and Mr. Eric D. Feigelson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Bononi Mr. and Mrs. Daniel N. Boone
Mrs. Deborah A. Borck-Chapman Mr. Thomas J. Borkovic
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Borland Mr. and Mrs. Timothy K. Bosse
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Boston Ms. Barbara H. Bott and Mr. Robert L. Jennings, Jr.
Mr. Patsy J. Botti Mr. Patrick Bova
Mr. and Mrs. James and Cynthia Bower Ms. Margarete A. Bower
Loree Speedy and Charles Mark Bowers Van and Kathryn Bowersox
Ms. Anne E. Bowes Ms. Carol A. Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Bowman Ms. Eva M. Bowser
Mrs. Yvonne E. Bowser Daniel and Elizabeth Boyarski
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Boyd Gerald and Martha Boyd
Ms. Dorothy L. Boyer Mr. John L. Boyer
Robert and Kathleen Boykin Mr. and Mrs. E. Michael Boyle
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Boyle Mr. P. C. Boyle
Mrs. Isabel S. Boynton Mr. Robert P. Bozzone
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bracken Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Brady
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Braham Mr. and Mrs. Jerome T. Braidic
Dr. and Mrs. Hugh W. Brallier Dr. and Mrs. Gerald B. Brandt
Ms. Jean K. Brannan Mr. Dennis L. Brantner
Mr. Samuel J. Breegle, Jr. Mrs. Sarah C. Bregenser
David and Kathryn Brenenborg Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Brennan
J. Thomas Brennan and Barbara Campbell Ms. Carolyn M. Brenner
Mrs. Susan A. Brenner Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Brethauer
Ms. Jill M. Brethauer Mr. Kevin C. Brewer and Mr. Jose A. Licon
Keith and Carole Briggs Ms. Alice Bright and Mr. Robert Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Brignano Ms. Mary Louise Briscoe
Mrs. Florence L. Brockunier Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Brodbeck
Ms. Claudia Broman William and Dana Bromyard
Mr. Frederick W. Brooke Mr. John A. Broscious and Ms. Janet A. Barlett
Ms. Suzanne M. Broughton and Mr. Richard Margerum Mr. Franklyn K. Brown
George and Naomi Brown Ms. Nancy T. Brown
Mrs. Norma J. Brown Mr. Paul M. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Brown Mr. Richard D. Brown
Mrs. Nancy G. Brownell Susan and David Brownlee
Mrs. Norma R. Brubaker Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Brueggman
Dr. Richard D. Bruehlman and Dr. Patricia M. McGuire Mr. Robert Bruno
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Bryan, Jr. Dr. Jan K. Brydon
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Bryson Mr. Gregory A. Brzozowski
Alice J. Buchdahl, M.D. Mr. Edward F. Budinsky, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bulazo Mr. James C. Bulman
Sandra and Donald Bumgardner Anonymous
Ms. Mary Catherine Bunting Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Burchfield III
Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Burchfield, IV Mr. Michael Burgart
Mr. David A. Burgess Mr. Fredric R. Burgess
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Burgett Mrs. Ruth A. Burig
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burk Mr. Charles R. Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence M. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Burke, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Burkholder Mr. and Mrs. James B. Burnham
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Burnham Mr. Douglas Foster Burns
Mrs. Mary L. Burrell Mr. Thomas G. Burzawa
Dr. and Mrs. Sidney N. Busis Mr. Michael F. Butler
Mr. Robert T. Buzard Mr. C. Richard Byers
Reverend W. Ross Byers Ms. M. Christine Byrne
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cahn Mrs. Ann W. Cahouet
Dr. and Mrs. Carnegie S. Calian Mr. David M. Callanan
Elizabeth and Robert Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Campbell
Dr. Susan B. Campbell and Mr. E. Patrick Curry Dr. Patricia A. Canfield and Mr. Thomas N. Canfield
Mr. and Mrs. Herman A. Canil Mr. and Mrs. David C. Cannon, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Cantine Dr. Frances J. Caplan
Mrs. Ann M. Caplea Ms. Lisa R. Capuano
Mr. David B. Caputo Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Care
Mrs. Ruth M. Carew Mr. Kenneth A. Carion
Ms. Kierstin Carlson Mrs. Melinda D. Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Carlson Ms. Sandra J. Carlucci
James and Bonnie Carmichael Mrs. Constance K. Carnahan
Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Carney Mr. and Mrs. Mike N. Carney
Dave and Ruth Carosone Mr. Ira Carp
Dr. Barbara Carpenter and Dr. Michael D. Miller Mr. and Mrs. David J. Carpenter
Dr. Amelia J. Carr Mr. Calvin C. Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Carr Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Carraway
Ms. Cynthia Carrow and Mr. James Kyper Ms. Russellyn S. Carruth and Dr. Bernard D. Goldstein, M.D.
Mr. Ellis L. Carter Mr. Gary Carver
Ms. Nan H. Case Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Casillo
Mr. David E. Casker Mr. Robert R. Cassel
Mr. Harold L. Cassety Mr. Dennis E. Cassidy
Mr. James E. Cavanaugh, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Terrence P. Cavanaugh
Mrs. Dorothy E. Cecil Ms. Kathleen Cecil
Ms. Patricia Cekoric Mr. and Mrs. Randy Cellone
Ms. Susan S. Cercone Mr. Nicholas A. Chabon
Mr. John R. Chaillet Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Chalfant
Mr. Robert C. Chalfont Mr. Alan D. Chamberlain
Barbara A. Chambers, Ed. D. Mr. James C. Chaplin, IV
Dr. E. J. Charny Mr. and Mrs. Harold Chelemer
Mr. Clifford Chen and Ms. Robin Ziegler Dr. Kenneth Cheng
Ms. Emma S. Cherico Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Cheteyan II
Orrean and Barbara Chew Mr. and Mrs. Glenn H. Child
Mr. Michael C. Chiodo Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Chisholm, Jr.
Ms. Sue Lin Chong Mr. and Mrs. Gerald N. Chotiner
Ms. Carol A. Christen Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Christian-Michaels
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Christianson Mr. Mark D. Christie
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Christopher Mr. and Mrs. William E. Christopher
Mr. Asa W. Christy Mr. Mark H. Christy
Mr. Joseph Church Mr. Albert A. Churney
Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Churney, Jr. Dino Ciabattoni and Debbie DiBucci
Mr. Robert D. Ciardi Mr. John E. Cinibulk
Mr. Frank A. Cirincione Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Clair
Mr. Harlan J. Clare Mr. and Mrs. David E. Clark
Donna and Matt Clark Mr. John E. Clark
Mr. William G. Clark, Jr. Mr. William J. Clark, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin V. Clarke, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stokes M. Clarke
M. Dorcas Clark-Harley, M.D. Sarah and Richard Cleary
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Cleland Mrs. Janet S. Clever
John and Joan Clites Ms. Joyce Clohessy
Mrs. Betsy Coax Mr. Robert D. Cochran
Ms. Susan N. Cockrell Ms. Amy W. Cohen
Ms. Diane M. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Lyman H. Cohen
Mr. Sheldon Cohen and Ms. Mary L. Miller William and Susan Cohen
Judge Maurice B. Cohill, Jr. Reverend and Mrs. John Patrick Colatch
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Colbert Mr. Kurt A. Colborn
Ms. Autumn E. Colby Mr. Jeffrey A. Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Cole Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Coleman
Robert and Marcia Coleman Frederick and Mary Jane Colen
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Coles II Mr. and Ms. Alan Colker
David S. Collins, F.A.I.A. Mr. Michael A. Collins
Ms. Deborah Comay Mr. Laurence P. Comden
Ms. Andrea Commaker and Dr. James Levin Ms. Carol E. Connell
Ms. Betty J. Connelly Mr. Bruce R. Connelly and Ms. Mary Kay Frey
Ms. Jean W. Connelly Mr. and Mrs. Roderick F. Connelly
Ms. Sharon M. Connelly Mr. and Mrs. William B. Conner
Ms. Dianne Connors Mr. and Mrs. George D. Conte
Ms. Filomena Conti Mrs. Mildred D. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Cooley Tim and Colleen Cooney
Ms. Deborah Cooper Mr. Douglass Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Cooper Mrs. Shirley S. Coops
Ms. Janis M. Copenhaver Mr. Samuel G. Coppersmith and Mrs. Beth J. Schermer
Bill and Kathie Coppula Ms. Abby J. Corbin
Mr. Paul D. Corbitt Mrs. Clare H. Cornell
Sally Ann and Joseph J. Cortese Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin L. Costello
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Costo, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Couch
Ms. Maxine E. Counts Mr. and Mrs. R. Jeffrey Coup
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Cousins James A. Cover, C.P.I.M
Mrs. Gail Cowan Ms. Hanley B. Cox
Mr. Michael S. Coyne Ms. Margaret L. Craft
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Craig, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson S. Craige
Commander Neil E. Crain Emma Lee Crannell
Mr. Alan B. Crawford Mrs. Margaret J. Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Cray, Jr. Ms. Annamarie M. Crelli
Mr. Peter J. Crescimanno Mr. Robert W. Criswell
Mr. James V. Cromie Dr. and Mrs. Donald C. Cronauer
Mrs. Marian S. Crossman Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Crumm
Mr. Robert D. Crusan Mr. and Mrs. Keith P. Crytzer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Cullen Mr. and Mrs. Kent Culley
Ms. Wendy J. Culver Ms. Carol Cummins
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Cunneen Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Cupples, Jr.
Dona J. Curti and Alexander Hauptmann Mrs. Marilyn L. Cusick
Ms. Frances M. Czak Dr. and Mrs. Peter Dalby
David and Carol Dalcanton Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. D'Alesandro
Ms. Elsie D. Dalla Piazza Mrs. Martha R. Daniels
David and Susan Dannenberg Ms. Patricia Danowski
Mr. Jon J. Danzak Ms. Sharon L. Davenport
Rabbi and Mrs. Sion A. David Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Davidson, Jr. Mrs. Georgia C. Davidson
Mrs. Lois N. Davie Mr. Brian Davis and Dr. Kathryn Albers
Bryan and Maryellen Davis Mr. C.William Davis
Mr. Glenn C. Davis Mr. and Mrs. John P. Davis, Jr.
Julie and David Davis Mr. Richard G. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Davis Ms. Deanna K. Dawson
Mrs. Christine Day Mrs. Betty Jane De Mann
Mrs. Dorothy L. Dean Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Dean
Mr. Richard E. Dearborn Ms. Janet M. DeCecco
Mr. and Mrs. Guy P. DeChellis Mr. and Mrs. George M. Deer
Mrs. Mary M. DeGeorge Mr. Martin Dehn
Harold and Linda Deiss Ms. Sabina E. Deitrick
Ms. Melva E. Deitt Mr. Ernest Del Signore
Ms. Karen Delmonico Sylvia and Frank DeMarco
Mr. John H. Demmler Mr. and Mrs. John A. Dencler
Ms. Bette S. Dengel and Mr. Robert A. Banks Annamarie Denis, D.M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Denny Mr. Robert J. DePasquale
Ms. Mercedes A. Derbaum Mr. John E. Dern
Larry and Kathie DeVinney Mr. Bernie Devlin and Ms. Kathryn Roeder
Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Joyce DeYoung Ms. Joyce F. Diamondstone
Ms. Rosalind DiBiasi Dr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Dick
Mrs. Gene B. Dickman Dr. and Mrs. William E. Dietrich, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Diffenderfer Richard and Lana Digangi
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Diley Mr. Donald P. Dilley
Mr. Christopher L. Dillon Charles and Susan Dimond
Ms. Catherine M. DiNardo Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Dines
Ms. Irene J. Dinning Ms. Diane M. Dip
Mr. John J. Dirienzo, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Dirsmith
Penny and Robert Dixon-Gumm Ms. Deborah D. Dodds
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Dodds Reverend James W. Dollhopf and Mrs. Jane L. Dollhopf
Ms. Norma E. Donaldson Mr. and Mrs. Terrence L. Donaldson
Mr. Thomas E. Donchez Mr. and Mrs. Jacob A. Donkersloot
Mr. James K. Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Scott Donnenwirth
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. Donovan David P. Dorn, V.M.D.
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Dorsey Mr. and Mrs. James P. Douds
Thomas and Sara Dougherty John and Lucy Douglas
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Douglass Mr. W. Cleland Dowler, Jr.
Jeanne and William Downey Mr. and Mrs. Hugh S. Downing
Stephen and Judith Downing Timothy E. Drake, M.D.
Mrs. Lillian Draskovich Tim and Susan Dreier
Robert and Jeanne Drennan Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Drescher
Mr. David R. Drews and Ms. Lauri J. Reeder Ms. R. Elizabeth Dropp
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Drum Mr. Thomas E. Dubis and Ms. Mary K. Biagini
Dr. Rosemary B. Duda Ms. Margaret M. Dudash
Mr. Joe Dudick Ms. Alyce J. Duffus
Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Dugas Mr. John G. Dulak
Mr. Richard A. Dulisse Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Dulz
Mr. Richard P. Dum and Mrs. Donna S. Hoffman Ms. Theora A. DuMont
Mrs. Janice L. Dunaway Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Dunlap
Anonymous Ms. Marilyn J. Dunn
Ms. Leslie Dupal Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Duracky
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Duranko Mr. and Mrs. Norbert G. Duritsa
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer A. Durst Ms. Constance J. Dusckas
Harry and Val Dutchyshyn Mr. and Mrs. John P. Dyba
John and Holly Dzemyan Ms. Rosemary Dziobak
Mr. Richard E. Dziubek David Dzombak and Carolyn Menard
Mr. Dale R. Eaman Mr. Robert D. Eardley, Jr.
Ms. Jane I. Earle Robert and Anna Early
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Eash Mr. Richard P. Easler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Eberhart Mrs. Barbara D. Eberle
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Eberle Dr. Dennis L. Eckels
Mrs. Arlyn I. Edelstein Mr. Wallace D. Edsall
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Edson, Jr. Ms. Beverly K. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. H. Clifford Edwards Ms. Mary J. Edwards
Ms. Donna D. Egbert Mr. and Mrs. David M. Egelston
Mr. Robert J. Eiben Dr. and Mrs. David E. Eibling
Ms. Mary W. Eichenlaub Mr. and Mrs. Cameron H. Eiseman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Elborne Mr. John P. Elder
Ms. Patricia J. Elk Mr. Howard W. Ellington
Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Elliott Dr. and Mrs. David M. Elliott
Margaret L. Elliott Laura A. Ellman and Peter J. Ennis
Mr. Scott B. Ellwood Mr. and Mrs. Alan Elyshevitz
Mr. and Mrs. Noel L. Emanuel Mark and Ellen Emerson
Mark and Sharlene Emerson Paul and Katharine Emery
Mr. Stephen Emery and Ms. Maureen Hurley Ms. Mary A. Emmett
Mr. John B. Enders Mr. Roger Engle
Mr. James E. Englert Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Eriksen, Esq.
Drs. Jonathon and Judith Erlen Mr. and Mrs. George W. Erny
Carol and Alan Errett Ms. Rita E. Eshman
Mrs. Judith B. Esposito Mr. Dana P. Estep
Ms. Beverly Esterman Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Etling
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Evans, Jr. Mr. Chuck Evans
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Evans Ms. Michele R. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Evans Robert and Marsha Evans
Mrs. Margaret L. Ewart Mr. and Mrs. John H. Ewing, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Alan Ewing Ms. Judith Eyal
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Eyer Dr. and Mrs. Eric G. Fackler
Mrs. Joy Fairbanks Mr. Francis E. Fairman III
Mrs. Carolyn S. Falcon Mr. and Mrs. Danforth P. Fales
Sigo and Jean Falk Mr. Fred M. Fargotstein
Mrs. Margaret Farkas Miss Martha Farkasovsky
Ms. Roseanne Farley Ms. Janet F. Farren
Michael A. Fay, D.M.D. Ms. Marian F. Feath
George and Nancy Fechko Mr. and Mrs. Gerhard Fedde
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Feder Mr. Donald F. Feigert
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Feiling Dr. Karen W. Feinstein
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Feinstein Mr. Steven F. Feinstein and Dr. Karen W. Feinstein
Mr. Larry Feldman and Ms. Margaret Stempien Mrs. Dorothy M. Fels
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fenechi III Ms. Karen D. Fennell
Ms. Heidi B. Fenton Dr. Toni Fera
Dr. and Mrs. William L. Ferber Cynthia K. Ference-Kelly and Joseph Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Ferenchak III Mr. J. Wilson Ferguson
Mrs. Janet G. Ferguson Mr. Thomas A. Ferguson and Ms. Susan L. Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Ferguson Mr. Ed Ferns
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Ferraro Mr. Regis M. Ferrere
Mr. and Mrs. Randall C. Fertelmes Mr. Stanley R. Fertig
Mr. John P. Fette Mr. and Mrs. Ricky L. Fetzer
Mr. George L. Fichter Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Fidler
Dr. Robert E. Fidoten Mrs. Rose P. Field
Mrs. Joyce L. Fienberg Mr. Daniel S. Fierer
Mr. Robert Z. Fierst Deborah and Robert Filler
Ms. Susan Fineman Professor Susan Finger
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Finizio Dr. and Mrs. James C. Finley
Dr. Olivera J. Finn Mr. and Mrs. David J. First
Mr. Max G. Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Nick S. Fisfis
Ms. Barbara A. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Fisher
Mr. Richard E. Fisher Mrs. Katherine O. Fitting
Colonel Eugene L. Fitzsimmons Mr. and Mrs. David R. Fitzsimmons
Mr. Stephen L. Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. Bayles K. Flanery
Larry and Teri Flatley Mrs. Heather F. Fleck
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Fleckenstein Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Fleming
Mrs. Donna M. Flickinger Ms. Suzanne Flood
Mrs. Shirley C. Flosnik Mr. Leland E. Floyd
Kevin L. Flynn, D.M.D. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Foden
Mr. Robert Foflygen Mr. and Mrs. John H. Fogle
Mrs. Theresa G. Foley Dr. John K. Folmar
Mr. Marc Ford and Ms. Carmen Gong Mr. Richard A. Ford
Mr. David F. Forehan Ms. Pamela E. Forker
Ms. Lori A. Forlizzi Mr. Allan L. Forsythe
Mrs. Doris Foster Ms. Marian Foster
Ms. Rebecca Foster and Mr. Michael Kazar Mr. Richard K. Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Fountaine Mrs. Sharon A. Foust
Ms. Amelia A. Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Fowler
Mr. Stephen B. Fowler Ms. Andrea Rose Fox and Dr. Kenneth Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Cyril A. Fox, Jr. Ms. Dorothy A. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Francis Mr. Thomas C. Frank
Mr. R. W. Frantz Mr. and Mrs. John C. Free
Ben and Deb Freed Ms. Debra A. Freeman
Mr. Laurence P. Frelin Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Frew
Mrs. Christina Friday Ms. Joan B. Friedberg
Mr. Paul A. Friedline Drs. Bj and Stan Friedman
Thomas and Linda Friedman Mrs. Susan H. Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Friel Mr. and Mrs. Edgar L. Friend
Ms. Bettina B. Frisse Ms. Lani F. Fritz
Mr. Lawrence Frolik and Ms. Ellen Doyle Mr. and Mrs. George B. Frost
Mr. Paul R. Fruehan Mr. Francis T. Fruehstorfer
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Fruehstorfer Sandra and Philip Fry
Dr. and Mrs. Russell Fuhrer Mr. Gregory R. Fuhrman
Mrs. Kathleen S. Fulton Ms. Barbara J. Funari
Mrs. Ann K. Furlong Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Fusco
Mr. Sam Gabelt Sandra and Frank Gagliano
Kathleen and Lawrence Gaichas Ms. Mary Anne Gailliot
Mrs. Betsy L. Gaillot Mr. Martin J. Galbraith
Mr. David L. Galbreath Ms. Sandra A. Galetich
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Galgoci Mr. Earl H. Galik
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gallati Mr. and Mrs. Nunzio Galletta
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Galvin Mr. Paul J. Gambka
Mr. Bernard Gamble Dr. Marie A. Ganott
Mrs. Paula J. Ganson Mr. William E. Garapick, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Garbin Charles and Carla Garia
Mr. and Mrs. Hans D. Garkisch Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Garman
Ms. Louise W. Garrelts Mr. Rodney J. Gasch and Dr. Laurie J. Kirsch
Mr. Kevin Gathers Ms. Carolyn M. Gatty
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart C. Gaul Richard Gaydos
Mr. Gregory Gdula Pamela J. Geary and William A. Real
Mrs. Cora A. Gebhardt Mrs. Adrienne L. Geddes
Ms. Samme L. Gee Richard and Jean Geist
Mr. John E. Geisz and Ms. Doris Mack Mr. and Mrs. Jay R. George
Mr. David H. Gerginske Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. and Elizabeth R. Gerhart
Mr. David Gernert and Ms. Angela Slocum Mrs. Sarah Gerrish
Mr. Edward S. Gertler Mr. and Mrs. William D. Ghrist III
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Giardina Dennis and Malca Giblin
Mr. Frank Gielas Mrs. Nancy J. Giesmann
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Gifford Ms. Jane N. Gilbert
Jane and Peter Gilewicz Mr. George G. Gill
Mr. Lance A. Gilliland Dr. and Mrs. George H. Gilmore
Ms. Betty Ginsburg Mr. Tom Giordano
Mr. Thomas M. Giovannelli Mr. and Mrs. John F. Giovengo
Ms. E. Ann Gladden Mr. and Mrs. David M. Glenn
Mr. Raymond E. Glew Mr. David C. Glick
Lynn and Jean-Luc Glorieux Caryle R. Glosser, Ph.D.
Ms. Shirley Sholtis Glova Mr. Kenneth Goebel
Mr. William E. Goehring Mr. John E. Goettlicher
Mrs. George Ann Goff-Ridge Mr. John W. Goldbach
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Goldberg Mr. Stuart E. Goldberg and Mr. Painam Cheung
Mr. Michael F. Golde Mr. Bernard Goldstein
Mr. Michael A. Goldstein, Esq. and Ms. Ellen T. Kaplan Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Goldston
Ms. Jean C. Goldthorpe Ms. Marsha L. Golletti
Ms. Joan M. Gollub Ms. Helen R. Golob
Ms. Elizabeth Good and Mr. Mark Weakland Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Gooder
Mr. William E. Gooding Mr. Robert L. Goodman and Mrs. Linda J. Huffman
Mr. Stephen R. Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Goralczyk, Jr.
Ms. Anne W. Gordon Dr. and Mrs. Murray B. Gordon
Dr. Sanford Gordon Mr. Thomas P. Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Gorenz
Ms. Mary Ann Gorka Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Gorman
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Gornati Eileen Gorrell and Bill Weaver
Mr. Milton Gottlieb and Mrs. Joan Gottlieb Mrs. Janice Gottschalk
Mrs. Gizella Goyak Dr. and Mrs. Gary C. Grabner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Grabowski Mr. Paul F. Grabowski
Mr. Ronald J. Gracey Miss Janet F. Graeb
Mr. Andrew G. Graf, Jr. Mrs. Carolyn E. Graffam
Mrs. Altha O. Graham Mr. John L. Graham
Ms. Sarah J. Graham Mrs. Wenda B. Gramlich
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Grandis Ms. Bjoerg M. H. Granger
Mr. Paul J. Grata Ms. Anne Jane Gray
Cynthia A. Gray, M.D. Ms. Deborah A. Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Gray Mr. and Mrs. David C. Green
Kathleen Green Ms. Stephanie M. Green
Susan and Charles Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. William S. Greenberg
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Greene Joanne T. Greenspun
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Greenwood Mr. Peter S. Greer
Ms. Christine Gregory Mrs. Phyllis A. Gretz
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Grib Ms. Jan Grice
Ms. Lee Grice Dr. and Mrs. Donald S. Griffin
Ms. Elaine R. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. John B. Grigg
Mr. David M. Grimm Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Grogan
Mr. Stephen Groh Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. Groll
Sandra and Eston Gross Ms. Eleanor L. Grossman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Grossman Mr. Lester G. Grotzinger
Drs. David and Barbara Grover Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Grubbs
Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Grysiak Ms. Lizzie Guidish
Mr. Kay D. Guiles Mr. Rudolph L. Guilloud
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Guinn Mr. John A. Gula, Jr.
Mr. Joseph M. Gula Mr. Ralph R. Gurley
Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Gurrentz Mr. and Mrs. William V. Gurzenda
Ms. Patricia M. Gussey Mr. Ray G. Gusty
Mr. Richard D. Gutkind Dr. Raymond M. Guydosh
Ms. Ruth Guydosh Dr. and Mrs. Geoffrey A. Gwynn
Mr. and Mrs. Pierre J. Haan Mrs. Betsy C. Haas
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Haas, Jr. Mr. Stephen J. Habash
Ms. Marianne Haffey Mr. David A. Haines
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hall Mr. Lawrence W. Hall
Timi and Robert Hallem Ms. K. D. Hallen
Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Haller III Jerome and Diane Halpern
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Ham Dr. and Mrs. James V. Hamel
Mrs. Falene E. Hamilton Mr. James S. Hamilton
Mr. Marshall Hamilton Dr. and Mrs. William E. Hamilton
Mr. Dennis S. Hamm Mr. and Mrs. Carl I. Hammer
Mr. H. Robert Hampson Mr. David W. Hance and Ms. Jill M. Weiss
Dr. Jeanne Hanchett Mr. Ben Handen and Ms. Dianne Ploof
Dr. Ira S. Handler and Dr. Margaret E. Reidy Mr. Howard W. Hanna, Jr.
Mrs. Caryl L. Hansen Mr. Kevin C. Hansen
Drs. Barbara and Lothar Hanusa Ms. Anna P. Harbin and Mr. James W. Turner
Dr. Cecelia Hard and Mr. William Hendricks Mr. James H. Hardie, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Hardt, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Hardwick
Gail Harger Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hargreaves
Reverend and Mrs. John P. Harman Ms. Janet G. Harner
Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Harper Mr. John A. Harper
Mr. and Mrs. E. David Harr Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Martin H. Harris Mr. James W. Harrod
Ms. Nancy A. Hart Mr. and Mrs. Robin D. Hart
Ann Harting Carl and Ann Harting
Mr. Volker H. Hartkopf Mr. James R. Hartline
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hartman Mr. Henry F. Hartman, Jr.
Mr. Ronald G. Hartman Mr. and Mrs. D. Karl Hartner
Mrs. Estelle B. Hartranft Dr. and Mrs. David D. Hartzell
Mr. Drew Harvey Roger and Louise Haskett
Ms. Carla A. Hass and S. Blair Hedges Mr. Michael C. Hassett
Mrs. Barbara L. Hast Reverend and Mrs. William L. Hauser
James S. Hayes and Catherine A. Keig Mrs. Lydia B. Hayes
Mr. Philip J. Hayes and Mrs. Louise A. Kaczmarek Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Hayes, Jr.
Dr. Lathe T. Haynes Mr. Bruce H. Hazen and Ms. Kimberly Donovan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Heasley Mrs. Joan Heckel
Ms. Robin R. Heid Mr. and Mrs. J. Andrew Heidig, Jr.
Mr. Richard A. Heil and Ms. Judy Knapp Mrs. Klara Heilbrunn
Daniel and Kay Heineman Ms. Judith A. Heinsberg
Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Heintzleman Mr. Thomas H. Heisey
Mr. and Mrs. Dean J. Helfer Mr. Alan Helgerman and Ms. Sandra Lapietra
Mrs. Brigitte Helliar Mr. Arthur D. Hellman
Ms. Martha S. Helmreich Mr. William R. Helsel
Mr. Neal A. Hemmelstein Mr. Robert E. Hemmerlin
Robert and Norma Henderson Dr. Scott C. Henderson
Mr. Earl R. Hendricks Mr. and Mrs. Rich C. Hendricks
Robert C. Henning and Alison Hipwell Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Henninger
Mrs. Laurie R. Henninger Natasha and Jason Henninger
Mr. Wilmer L. Henninger Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Herchenroether
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Herman Mr. Robert M. Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Herold Mr. Charles M. Herrold, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hershey Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Hertzler
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Herward The Honorable Secretary David E. Hess
Dr. Genay Hess and Mr. Jim Carson Mr. John C. Hession
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Hetherington III Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Hettmansperger
Mr. Robert J. Hibschman Mrs. Marcella Hickey
Warren and Lucinda Hickman Mr. Charles C. Hight
Mrs. Ann G. Hill Mr. Brian J. Hill and Ms. Laura Heeschen
Anonymous Mrs. RoseAnn M. Hill
Mrs. Ruth K. Hill Mr. J. Randolph Hiller
Mrs. Evelyn B. Hilliard Mr. and Mrs. David G. Hills
Mr. David C. Hilty Mr. and Mrs. S. Earl Hinebaugh
Mr. Michael R. Hirsch Mr. Alan D. Hirschman
Ms. Carolyn M. Hirschman and Mr. Richard Petrovich Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Hirth, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Hitchan Mr. and Mrs. C. Talbott Hiteshew, Jr.
Mr. Edward J. Hnida Mr. Norman H. Hochendoner
Mrs. Cynthia A. Hockenberry Mr. Dennis C. Hockenberry
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Hodes Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Hodgdon
Dr. Robert A. Hodgson Mr. Donald A. Hoecker
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Hoeldtke Ms. Karen Hoesch and Mr. Kenneth Jaros
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Hoffman John and Carolyn Hoffman
Mr. Joseph A. Hoffman Ms. Leslie A. Hoffman
Mr. Robert B. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde R. Hoge Mr. Philo Holcomb III
Norman and Barbara Holcombe Mr. and Mrs. Hale Holden, Jr.
Mrs. Judith G. Holden Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Holko
Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Hollada Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Hollingsworth
Mr. Richard Holm Mr. Michael D. Holmes
Mrs. Guila J. Stauffer Holtman Mr. Timothy D. Holtz
Dr. and Mrs. Elmer J. Holzinger Mrs. Janet L. Honecker
Shirley and Stephen Hoops Mr. Richard C. Hopkins
Paul and Helen Hopper Mr. Don H. Horisberger
Mrs. Janice H. Horn Mr. and Mrs. Stanley N. Horn
Mr. James M. Horne Ms. Lila Horowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Hotopp Mr. Michael E. Houlahan
Mr. and Ms. John R. Houston John R. Howard, R.A. , A.I.A.
Marsha and Edward Howard Mr. William Craig Howell
Ms. Kim Howie Mr. and Mrs. Francis Jay Huber
Mr. David L. Huff Ms. Linda A. Huffington
Mr. H. Lee Hufton Ms. Donna S. Hughes
Ms. Eva I. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Hughes
Ms. Judith Hughes Richard and Beverly Hughes
Dr. Suzanne C. Hummel Mrs. Kathleen D. Hummon
Anonymous Alan and Mary Hunninen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hunt Mr. Roy A. Hunter
Dr. and Mrs. F. G. Hurite Mr. Michael B. Husband and Ms. Judith A. Heberling
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Huston Ms. Shelley Huston
Miss Patricia J. Hutcheson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Hutchins
Ms. Ada M. Hutchison Mr. and Mrs. Stuart N. Hutchison III
Mr. Clair S. Hvozdovich Mr. Robert A. Hyduke
Ms. Lisa Iadicicco Anthony and Barbara Iannacchione
Mrs. Lynda L. Ihrig Ms. Charity J. Imbrie
Mrs. Lucy C. Ingram Mr. and Mrs. Jan L. Irvin
Mr. Christopher L. Irwin Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Irwin
Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Irwin Ms. Sandy S. Isacco
Mr. and Ms. William H. Isler Mr. Scott D. Izzo
Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Jack Mr. Robert M. Jackman
Mrs. Florence A. Jacko Laura and Michael Jackson
Ms. Lois Jackson Mr. and Mrs. William R. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Jackson Mrs. Helen B. Jacob
Dr. and Mrs. Walter Jacob Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Jacobs
Dr. Kent M. James Mrs. Loretta P. James
Mr. James S. Janecek and Ms. Carol S. Terry Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Janesko
Mr. Allen I. Janis Mr. and Mrs. Michael Janiszewski
Mr. and Mrs. Jay K. Jarrell Louise and Joseph Jencik
Mr. Stephen J. Jendricks Mr. and Mrs. George Jenks
Mrs. Joan R. Jessen Mr. William L. Jett
Dr. Edward W. Jew, Jr. Mr. Christopher J. Jewell
Drs. Lawrence and Martha John Mr. Robert L. John
Mr. Roy F. Johns, Jr. Mr. Carl M. Johnson
David E. Johnson and Wendy Frieman Mr. and Mrs. Glenn B. Johnson
Mr. John G. Johnson Jonas and Janis Johnson
Mrs. Judith D. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Johnson
Mr. Roy T. Johnson Ms. Barbara B. Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Johnston Mrs. Marjorie P. Johnston
Mr. Michael Johnston Ms. Miriam L. Johnston
Dr. Barbara Johnstone Reverend Carolyn J. Jones
Craig and Sarah Jones Mr. and Mrs. Harley F. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Jones
Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Jones Mrs. Virginia A. Jones
Mrs. Lynn E. Jorgensen Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Joson
Mr. Dennis Joura Ms. Jean M. Joyce
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Judson Ms. Marguerite A. Judy
Martha E. Junkin Mr. Marcel A. Just
Mrs. Helen D. Justh Ms. Arlene R. Kace
Len and Melaine Kachmar Mrs. Carol Kadar
Mr. Philip A. Kahle Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Kaltenbaugh
Mr. Philip Kaluponov Daniel and Carole Kamin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Kamin Ms. Patricia C. Kanavich
Ms. Eleanor F. Kane Mr. Michael Kane and Ms. Elizabeth Mayer
Ms. Carol A. Kann Ms. Julia G. Kant
Mr. and Mrs. Jayant K. Kapadia Dr. Hanson Kappelman and Ms. Janice R. Lorenz
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Karatjas Mr. Eric W. Karlovich
Mr. Robert F. Karlovits Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kashmer
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Kassner Mrs. Wallis F. Katz
Captain Robert K. Kaufman, (Ret.) Drs. Dale and Yvonne Keairns
Mr. Robert D. Kearney Mr. and Mrs. John W. Kearns, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Keaton Ms. Glenda Keck
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Kedzierski Mr. Tim Keefer
Ms. Mary J. Kelchak Mr. and Mrs. John P. Keller
Mr. Paul B. Keller Mrs. Marilyn E. Kelley
Mr. Steven J. Kelley Mrs. Amy Kellman
Duane and Cynthia Kelly Ward and Mary Kelsey
Ms. Ann D. Kelton and Mr. Jeffrey Hritz Ed and Alice Kemp
Mrs. Barbara A. Kemp John and Candice Kemp
Miss Martha Kempic Mr. and Mrs. David R. Kendall
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Kendig Arlene and Bob Kendra
Ms. Michele E. Kendra Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kendra
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Kennaday Mr. and Mrs. Alick M. Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Kenney Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kenney, Jr.
Mr. David W. Kephart, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kepple
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Kepple, Jr. Kerry and Michon Kerlin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Kern Mr. John R. Kernc
Mr. Arthur J. Kerr, Jr. Mr. David S. Kerr
Mr. William E. Kerrick Dr. Warren Jack Kerrigan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Kesel Mr. Raymond Kessler, Jr.
Mr. Joseph B. Kestner Ms. Patricia A. Kiebler
Karen and James Kilzer Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Kime
Dr. Barbara L. King Mr. Christopher J. King
Ms. Erika G. King Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. King
Ms. Carol A. Kinney Mr. and Mrs. Victor J. Kinnunen
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Kirk Mr. Robert H. Kirker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kirkpatrick, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Kirsch
Fred and Christine Kissell Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Kistler
Miss Harriet W. Kistler Bob Kitterer and Dolores McComas
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Klaber Rich and Judy Klaber
Mr. Paul Klacka Mr. Kenneth F. Klanica
Ms. Janet A. Klapach Robert and Donna Klaput
Mr. Clarence E. Klaus, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John G. Klavuhn
Mr. David A. Kleer Mrs. Gloria B. Kleiman
Jeffrey and Alexandra Klein John Klein and Monica Andis
Dr. and Mrs. Milton Klein Mr. Richard E. Kleiser
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Klenotic Mr. Glenn E. Klepac
Mr. Jeffrey W. Kline, A.I.A. Ms. Doris M. Kling
Mr. Larry H. Klotz Mr. James L. Klueber
Mr. Ralph W. Klug Mr. Gary Knabe
Mrs. Peggy A. Knapp Mr. Anton W. Knaus
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Knight Mr. James H. Knight
Mr. James T. Knox Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Knutson
Ms. Marilyn Koch Ms. Karen A. Kocis
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Koenig, Jr. Ms. Sharon L. Kolasinski and Mr. Mitchell S. Berlin
Mr. and Mrs. John Kolojejchick Mr. Edward A. Kolson
William and Lauretta Koopmann Mr. David P. Kopchik
Mrs. Joan L. Kopchik Mr. Robert Y. Kopf, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Will W. Kopf Ms. Janet A. Korenich
Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Korenman Mr. Michael J. Korinek
Christine Kornosky, Esq. Mr. David A. Kosar
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Kossum Dr. Mary S. Kostalos
Karen and Donald Kostishack George and Joan Kotjarapoglus
Mr. and Mrs. Les E. Kotouch, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kotovsky
Ms. Ethel H. Koudela Peter and Barbara Kowalik
Dr. Dara L. Kraitchman Dr. Herbert Kramer, O.D.
Walt and Leslie Krater Ms. Teresa M. Kraus and Mr. Walter Camp
Mr. Randy L. Krause Mr. Robert A. Krause
Ms. Shirley A. Kregar Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Krepps
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron M. Kress, Esq. Mr. Robert H. Kridler
Mr. Karl J. Krobot Jerome and Janet Kronengold
Ms. Doris E. Krumenacker Dr. Ayse Kudat
Tom and Janet Kuehl Mrs. Heidi G. Kuehn
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kueshner Ms. Irene Margaret Kugler
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Kuhn George and Sally Kunkel
Mr. Paul J. Kunowski Dr. Heinz W. Kunz
Mr. Jeffrey G. Kunzelman Ms. Doris M. Kurzius
Harry and Michal Kusick Mrs. Karen B. Kutz
Stanley and Patricia Kuzak Mr. James Michael Kuzir
Ms. Rosanne M. Kwait Mr. Nicholas Kyriazi
Mr. Jules LaBarthe, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Labuda
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. LaBute Mrs. Mary Margaret Lacava
Michael and Karen Lacey Ms. Corinne Lacich
Mary Jo and Gary Lackey Mrs. Mary K. LaFace
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Lamport Mr. and Mrs. William C. Land, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk B. Landis Mrs. Kathy A. Landkrohn
Mr. Carson W. Lane and Dr. Carol J. Schramke Ms. Suzanne Lane and Mr. Clement A. Stone
Mrs. Grace A. Lang Dr. and Mrs. Howard N. Lang
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Lang Mr. James R. Lang
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lang, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Lansky
Mr. Jack Laquatra Robert and Cara LaRoche
Mrs. Margot K. Lasich Ms. Margaret A. Laske
Mark and Lisa Laskow Mr. and Mrs. William E. Latshaw
Gregory P. Latta and Teddy A. Latta Mr. Larry Laude
Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Lauver Mr. Jonathan P. Lavigne
Mr. William Lawrence III Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Lawry
Mr. Charles P. Lawton Gregory and Maureen Lawton
Mr. and Mrs. J. Timothy Leberknight Mr. and Mrs. Grover C. Lee, Jr.
Mr. Stephen R. Lee and Ms. Yoko Tai Ms. Susan Lee
Mr. Timothy E. Lehane Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Lehman
Mr. Scott Leib and Ms. Cindy Goodman-Leib Bruce and June Leidy
Phyllis Lynne Leithauser Mr. Paul E. Leitzinger
Dr. Donald H. Lemmon Ms. Christine Lench
Mr. David W. Lendt Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Leninsky
Frank and Marjory Lenox Dr. and Mrs. William E. Lenz
Peter and Sylvia Leo Ms. Mary Ann Leonard
Mr. Michael Leone Mr. Thomas M. Leschine
Ms. Amy J. Lesher Mr. Gerald G. Lessmann
Leslie and Rich Levine Mr. and Mrs. Morton Levine
Dr. Nancy Levine Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Levine
Mrs. William E. Lewellen III Mrs. Elsie Y. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald O. Lewis Dr. Thomas J. Lewis, Jr.
Barbara and Richard Ley Mr. Joel A. Lichtenstul
Mr. Gary A. Licko Mr. and Mrs. Emil Liddell
Drs. Paul and Cynthia Liefeld Mrs. Lenore L. Light
Mr. Charles D. Lightner Mr. and Mrs. Don G. Lightner, Jr.
Ms. Elsa Limbach Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Limbach
Mr. Walter F. Limbach Mr. William Lindgren
Rebecca J. Lindsay and R. S. C. Pearce Mrs. Lois L. Lindstrom
Mrs. Clara G. Link Mr. and Mrs. John P. Linkes
Ms. Emily A. Lippert Mr. Victor Lisotto
Ms. Doris L. Litman Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Little
Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Gail Litwiler Mr. Robert Livrone
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Lloyd Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Lloyd
Mr. and Mrs. H. Lewis Lobdell Mr. Frederick W. Lochner
Mr. James M. Locke, Jr. Drs. Alan and Anne Lockwood
Mr. Ronald W. Lockwood Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Lodge
Ms. Deborah E. Logan Mrs. Cynthia H. Long
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas K. Long Mr. and Mrs. R. Gerard Longo
Mr. and Ms. Carl P. Longobardi Mr. Ronald J. Lotz
Stuart and Deborah Louchheim Mr. and Mrs. James E. Loughren
Lori Love, V.M.D. Mr. William H. Loveall
Mr. John G. Lovelace Mr. and Mrs. C. Ricky Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Lowe Mrs. Geraldine A. Lowe
John and Nancy Lowe Mrs. Amy C. Lowenstein
Andee and Mike Lowenstein Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Lowrie
Mr. Roye L. Lowry Mrs. Jane M. Lubic
Mr. John A. Lucarelli and Ms. Nancy J. Moore Mr. Robert Lucas
Ms. Carol N. Luckey Dr. Karen J. Lukas
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Lukee Mr. Felix L. Lukezic
Mr. Mark W. Lunden Mrs. Joan P. Lunifeld
Ms. Ethel M. Lunney Mr. and Mrs. Barry B. Luokkala
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew K. Luvison Mrs. Mary Ann Lynch
Patrick and Sherron Lynch Mrs. Suzanne T. Lynch
Mr. Charles A. Lynn Mark and Kari-Ann Lynne
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Lyons Mr. Timothy C. Lyons
Mr. Thomas L. Lytle Mr. Stewart Macaulay
Mr. Bruce A. MacDonald Mr. K. Braden Macdonald
Mr. and Mrs. William L. MacDonald Mr. William J. Macek
Mr. and Ms. Samuel Macensky Gary and Sandy Macioce
Mr. and Mrs. Neil A. MacKay Mrs. Jane MacLeod
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. MacMullen Mrs. Kate W. MacVean
Mr. and Mrs. Douglass R. Maddox Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Mahrer
Mrs. Victoria Mainiero Mrs. Diana L. Mains
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Mains Mrs. Sally L. Maits
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Malakoff Mr. William H. Mallinson
Lauren Scott Mallory Sherry H. Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Maloney Mr. Oommen K. Mammen
Ms. Quimby B. Mamula Ms. Virginia M. Mance
Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Manchester Mr. Alfred N. Mann
Mrs. Estelle O. Mann Mr. Allen K. Mansfield
Mr. James Manzuk Mr. and Mrs. John J. Marano
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Margolis Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Marino
Mr. William H. Markey Mr. Larry R. Markowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Markowski Mr. and Mrs. F. Lang Marks
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Markus Mr. and Mrs. David Marmarelli
Carl and Nancy Maronde Ms. Melissa R. Marshall
Anonymous Mr. Bernard E. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Burton J. Martin Reverend Charles P. Martin
Mr. L Douglas Martin Ms. Linda A. Martin and Mr. Noel J. Walkington
Mr. Ray L. Martin Mr. and Mrs. William K. Martin
Mrs. Jeanne A. Martinez Mr. and Mrs. Henry Marttala
Ms. Donna J. Martz Mr. William K. Martz
Ms. and Ms. Joan E. Maser Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Masessa
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. Mason Mr. and Mrs. Matthew T. Mason
The Honorable and Mrs. Richard A. Masson Mr. Stephen M. Masters
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mastropaolo Joseph and Claudia Matchey
Mrs. Martha E. Mathews Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Mathews
Mr. Peter F. Mathieson Mr. Joseph B. Matis
Lorraine and George Matscherz Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Matteson
Mr. Glenn C. Matthews Mr. and Ms. David C. Mattson
Mr. and Mrs. Al Mature Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Matuza
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Matz Mr. David D. Maxwell
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar H. Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Mayer
Mr. Patrick Mazanek Ms. Marjorie Mazer
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Maziarz Mr. Joseph P. Mazzotta, Jr.
Ms. Rebecca McAdoo Mr. and Mrs. James H. McAnulty, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. McAuley Mr. and Mrs. Bennett T. McCallum
Ms. Deborah A. McCanna Mr. and Mrs. William G. McCargo
Mr. Robert C. McCartney Mr. Thomas B. McCartney
Ms. Kathleen O. McCharen Mr. James H. McClelland III
Mr. and Mrs. M. David McCloud Ms. Maureen W. McClure and Mr. Leonard B. Richards
Susan and Donald McClure Mr. and Mrs. William R. McClure
Mr. John L. McConaha David and Katherine McConnell
Mr. and Mrs. William G. McConnell Mr. Peter J. McCormick
Mr. Ronald L. McCormick Mr. and Mrs. John W. McCracken
Mrs. Gertrude C. McCrum Mrs. Jean H. McCullough
Mr. Dennis W. McCune Mrs. Mary Louise McCune
Mr. Mark A. McDonald Mr. Timothy McDonel
Ms. Mary A. McDonough Mr. Robert T. McDowell and Ms. Beth Etter
Mrs. Helen McElhinny Mr. and Mrs. R. Lee McFadden, Jr.
Edgar and Janet McGee Mrs. Janet D. McGervey
Kris D. Rust and Hugh McGough Mr. Paul A. McGuckian
Mrs. Janet S. McGuire Mr. and Mrs. James C. McHugh
Mr. James H. McHugh, Jr. Regis and Jamie McHugh
Mr. and Mrs. William D. McIlroy Mr. and Mrs. Howard G. McIlvried
Mr. and Mrs. John A. McIntire Mr. and Mrs. Smith C. McKee
Mr. Richard E. McKelvey, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. McKenna
Ms. Margaret J. McKenna Mr. and Mrs. David M. McKeown, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. McLaren Mrs. Jean S. McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. McMaster Dr. and Mrs. Carey L. McMonagle
Mrs. Constance A. McMurray Dr. Dennis M. McNair
Ms. Mary McNerney and Mr. Andrew Chamberlain Ms. Polly S. McQueen
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. McQuiston Ms. Elizabeth A. McShane
Dr. and Mrs. William J. McVay Mr. Gary B. McWilliams
Ms. Pamela C. Meade Dr. Pamela Meadowcroft
Mr. and Mrs. Daryl E. Mecklem Thomas and Margaret Medwig
Ms. Diane C. Meess Mr. Ralph C. Mehler
Mr. and Mrs. Dady Mehta Mr. Joseph D. Meier and Dr. Katherine C. Ke
Dr. and Mrs. George T. Meindl Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Mellon
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Mellors Mrs. Lois W. Mellott
Melvin and Susan Melnick Marilyn Meltzer
Mr. Herbert Mendelsohn Mrs. Caroline M. Mendis
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mendlow R. Menegaz-Bock
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Mengato Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Menovich
Mrs. Barbara R. Meredith Mr. Jan P. Merlino and Ms. Michele Belak
Ms. Clemence Mershon Mr. Thomas J. Metzgar
Mr. George I. Meyer and Mr. Greg Vogel Mr. and Mrs. Roger F. Meyer
Ms. Denise A. Michaels Ms. Marian G. Michaels
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Michalak Mr. Brian J. Michel
Christina and David Michelmore Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Michic
Ms. Madeline S. Miele Miss Therese A. Mihalic
Ms. Madeline B. Miles Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Miller
Mrs. Angela M. Miller Ms. Ardith B. Miller
Mr. Barry L. Miller Mrs. Carol Miller
Ms. Carol A. Miller Mr. David F. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Miller Mr. James B. Miller
Mrs. Joanne M. Miller Ms. Monica L. Miller
Mrs. Nancy S. Miller Mr. Patrick M. Miller
Mr. Paul W. Miller Mr. Raymond C. Miller, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. S. James Miller Mr. Terry S. Miller and Ms. Denise M. Overfield
Mr. Thomas S. Miller Mr. Jack H. Millstein, Jr.
Mr. Norman E. Minekime Denise and Kerwin Miner
Ms. Paige M. Minick Mr. Joel D. Minnigh
Mr. Scott W. Minster Mr. Franklyn A. Miscione
Ms. Lota E. Mitchell Ms. Patricia M. Mitchell
Ms. Mary Ann Mogus Joan P. & John H. Mohr
Bonnie and Michael Mokotoff Carmine V. Molinaro, Jr. , Esq.
Ms. Anne M. Molloy and Mr. Henry Posner III Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Molnaur
James P. Mondzelewski, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. James L. Monroe
Dr. Geoffrey B. Monsour Mrs. Nancy J. Montgomery
Mrs. Ruth M. Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Mooney
Susan and Alan Mooney Mr. and Mrs. Gary B. Moore
Mrs. Helene S. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Moorhead Brian and Jane Moran
Mr. Jeffrey A. Moran Mrs. William H. Moreland
Ms. Dolores R. Morey Mr. and Mrs. M. Granger Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Morgan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Morgante
Mr. Colin J. Morningstar Mr. Andrew D. Morrill and Ms. Marie C. Knoerl
Mr. Charles Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Moser Mr. Peter Moshein
Mrs. Dorothy R. Moss Dr. and Mrs. Etsuro K. Motoyama
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Moul, Jr. Mr. William W. Mountain and Ms. Jill A. Spillers
Ms. Harriet E. Moyer Mrs. Harriet J. Moyer
Mr. Donald M. Muenchow Mr. James Mullen
Mrs. Kathleen P. Mullen Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Muller
Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Mullins Mr. Scott A. Mummert
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Munsch Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. and Martha H. Munsch
Ms. Jean Murin Mr. Gregory Murman
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Murphey Mrs. Barbara B. Murphy
Ms. Clare M. Murphy Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Murphy, Jr.
Mr. Donald E. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. John J. Murphy
Dr. and Ms. Michael C. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Murphy, Jr.
Boyd and Janice Murray Pamela Murray and Christopher Horwitz
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Murray Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Myers David J. and Kathryn J. Myers
Mrs. Helen H. Myers Mr. and Mrs. Jay D. Myers
Ms. Judith A. Myers Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Myers
Ms. Naomi E. Myers Phyllis and Richard Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Myers Mrs. Sylvia I. Myers
Mrs. Janice L. Myers-Newbury Mr. and Mrs. David A. Mylet
Mr. and Mrs. David Nace Dr. Daniel J. Nadler
Mr. and Mrs. Sumio Nakajima Mrs. Nancy J. Nalepa
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Nalepa Dr. Frank C. Napier
Miss Jean M. Naples Ms. Margaret A. Nasta
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey C. Nathanson Dr. Donna G. Nativio
Ms. Margaret B. Naus Mr. and Mrs. William F. Nealen
Mrs. Marjorie T. Neel Mr. John Neelan
Anonymous Mr. Leslie T. Neighbors
Ms. Carol L. Neish and Mr. Anthony F. Magnelli, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Nelson
Ms. Yvette M. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Nemeth
Mr. A. R. Nernberg and Mrs. Susan Nernberg Mr. and Mrs. Ross J. Nese
Ms. Jo-Ann Neuhaus Mrs. Ruth A. Neuhoff Moore and Ms. Susan Moore McJunkin
Mrs. Susan G. Neuman Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Mary E. Neustel
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W. Nevin, Jr. Dr. Richard A. Newby and Ms. Hilary A. Moyes
Ms. Noel M. Newell Dr. and Mrs. John B. Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Newsom Mr. and Mrs. Gus S. Nicholas
Ms. Jean O. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. John C. Nichols
Ms. Patricia K. Nichols Ms. Susan M. Nicholson
Karen and Van Nickell Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Nickerson
Ms. Susan Nickles and Mr. Todd Williams Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Nicklow II
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Niebauer Mr. and Mrs. James E. Niece
Dr. Paul H. Nielsen Ann and Edwin Niemann
David and June Nimick Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Nimtz
Mr. Richard M. Ninesteel Mrs. Nancy J. Nock
Mr. and Mrs. David Noe Mr. Fred A. Noel and Mr. Richard A. Fredin
Maeve Nolan, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Noonan
Mr. Charles A. Norton Ms. Nina L. Norton
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Norton Mr. Peter A. Norum
Ms. Abbe J. Nosoff Mr. Frank L. Noss
Mrs. Barbara J. Novogradac Miss Nancy Noyes
Mr. Howard P. Nuernberger Mrs. Jane Nugent
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Nugent, Jr. Mrs. Tracy M. Numer
Dr. and Mrs. Orville W. Nyblade Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Nydick
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Oberdick Dr. Robin L. O'Bryan
Ms. Kathleen M. O'Donnell Mr. William J. O'Driscoll III
Dr. John S. Oehrle Mr. Robert J. O'Gara
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. O'Herrick Mr. and Mrs. Randy C. Ohler
Mr. Daniel J. O'Kain Fred and Karen Okie
Mrs. Shirley Olander Mrs. Lucy I. Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. David L. O'Loughlin Mr. Mitchel A. Olszak
Mr. L. A. Oltcher Ms. Caroline O'Nan
Mr. J. Lee O'Nan Ms. Betsy W. Oneill
Mr. and Mrs. Victor G. Onufrey Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Orman
Mr. Timothy Orman Ms. Helen L. Orringer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Orringer Miss Mary Anna Orrison
Ms. Marcia E. Osborne Mr. Ronald L. Osgood
Mr. Daniel S. Oshop Ms. Ann Ostergaard
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Ostrow Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. O'Sullivan
Ms. Ellen Elizabeth O'Toole Mr. John R. O'Toole
Mrs. Bonnie E. Ott Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Ott
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Ott Mr. Timothy W. Ottie
Mr. Henry F. Otto Dr. and Mrs. Wylie L. Overly
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Owens, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Owings, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Oyler Ms. Mary Ann Paff
Mr. Daniel R. Pagath Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Page
Drs. Paul M. Palevsky and Sharon R. Roseman Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Palmer
Ms. Eileen Papale Dr. Jack L. Paradise
Dr. Jan E. Paradise Mr. Lewis J. Paris
Mr. Frank J. Pasquale, Jr. Mrs. Valerie Pastva
Ms. Barbara L. Patchan Mr. and Mrs. Barry D. Patterson
Mr. Geoffrey L. Patton and Ms. Lucia O. Du Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Patton
Scott and Maureen Patton Steve and Cheryl Paul
Dr. and Mrs. William M. Paul Mrs. Virginia L. Paulsen
Jeff and Dianne Pavetti Ms. Delores Y. Payne
Mr. Richard Pearson and Ms. Jean G. Hart Mr. Robert B. Pease
Mr. Stephen E. Peat Mr. Michael R. Peck
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Peckham Mr. Thomas J. Pecuch
The Honorable Mayor William M. Peduto Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Peirce, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald V. Pellegrini Ms. Betty A. Pelletier
David and Norma Pennock Ms. Linda L. Perkins
Mr. Mark Perrott Norman and Helen Perttula
Mr. Calvin O. Peterka Jeff and Terry Peters
Mr. John F. Peters Ms. Beverly C. Peterson
Dr. Charles B. Peterson III Ms. Christine E. Peterson and Mr. William Lisowski
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. James E. Peterson
Ms. Kirsten Peterson and Mr. Edward Walsh Mrs. Mary Kearns Peterson
Mr. John F. Peth Ms. Pauline Petrucci
Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Pettitt Ms. Joan M. Pettler
Mrs. Jean S. Pett-Ridge Mr. Dennis F. Pfeiffer
Mr. James W. Pflugh Ms. F. Kay Philips
Mrs. Beverly F. Phillips Mr. Mark T. Phillis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Pieper Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Piermani, Jr.
Mr. David A. Piesik Mr. Dale E. Pike
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Pilarowski Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Pilewski, M.D.
Mr. Louis A. Pingel Mr. James M. Pipas
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pisano, Jr. Dino and Frances Pizza
Mr. Antonio R. Placanica Mrs. Barbara Planinsek
Mr. Joel N. Platt Mr. Bernard G. Plavko
Ms. Denise A. Pleban-Oberst Mrs. Jean M. Pletcher
Mr. Leonard Plotnicov Mr. Francis R. Pluciennik
Mr. Harold A. Plusa Mrs. Barbara A. Poglein
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Pogue-Geile Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pohlmann
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy T. Pohmer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Politylo
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Ponist Ms. Linda L. Pontorero
Mr. Drew Stewart Popjoy Ms. Lisa M. Porter
Dr. Lynne Porterfield Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Potochnik
Dr. Robert H. Potter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ross H. Potter
Mr. Thomas C. Potter Mrs. Kathleen B. Pottmeyer
Mrs. Shirley L. Pow Ann and Malvern Powell
Mr. Douglas L. Powell Mr. and Mrs. Ronald T. Powers
Ms. Sulochana Pradhan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Prager
Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Pratt Dr. and Mrs. Thadd R. Preisner
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Presnar Paul and Joanne Prestia
Richard E. Price, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Prigge
Mrs. Jacqueline M. Primas Mr. Thomas Primke
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Pritts Raymond and Valerie Prosser
Mr. Thomas J. Przepierski Mr. Tony Przybyl
Ms. Ellen Pskowski Mr. Mark E. Puda
Mr. James Pusch Mr. and Mrs. Allan M. Puskar
Mr. Dale J. Pysher Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Queenan, Jr.
Ms. Laura Quinn Martha Raak
Davis and Kathy Raborn Mr. Douglas L. Rabuzzi and Mrs. Jennifer R. Lakin
Lynne and Bruce Rackley Nancy and William Rackoff
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Ragosta Mr. Eka S. Rahardjo
Ms. Luisa J. Raijman Ms. Barbara Rainard
Dr. James J. Ramage Mary Ellen and Peter Ramage
Dr. and Mrs. James J. Rams Mr. Robert F. Ranallo, Jr.
David F. Ranieri, D.D.S. Mr. David M. Rankin
Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Rankin III Mr. Michael C. Rapach
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Rathbun, Jr. Mrs. Sharon D. Rathi
Ms. Elizabeth H. Rawlins Mr. Bayard D. Rea
Mr. Dennis M. Read Mr. Russell R. Reaghard
Mr. Lee R. Reams and Mr. Robert J. Donahoe Mr. David F. Rebuck
Ms. Alona H. Redden Joel and Carolyn Redfoot
Harold F. Reed, Jr. , Esq. Dr. and Mrs. John R. Reed
Mr. and Mrs. W. Franklin Reed Mr. and Mrs. James M. Reeder
Mr. Morse Reese Mary and Michael Regan
Ms. Mercedes A. Regola Mrs. Frances F. Reichl
Scott and Anne Reid Mr. E. W. Reighard
Mr. Wallace F. Reimer Mrs. Jane L. Reimers
Anne P. and Scott A. Reines Mr. Roland Reisley
Mr. Thomas J. Rekowski Mr. Dennis J. Rendine
Ms. Marsha M. Resinol Dr. Neil M. Resnick and Dr. Susan L. Greenspan
Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Resnick Mr. and Mrs. William L. Rettig
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Rettinger, Jr. Mr. Greg Reubi
Ms. Donna J. Reuss Ms. Carolyn B. Reuter
Mr. John E. Reynolds Carol Riblett
Mrs. Anna W. Rice Dr. David Rice
Mr. Dennis G. Rice Dr. Stephen G. Rice
Mrs. Beth A. Rich Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Richards, Jr.
Mrs. Dorothy Richards Dr. and Mrs. George S. Richardson
Mary and H. Kyle Richardson Mr. Hobart Richey
Mr. and Mrs. Jory Richman Ms. Susan V. Richmond
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Rickenbach Ms. Phyllis I. Riddle
Ms. Mary Lou Riegel Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Riethmuller, J. D.
Richard and Eugenia Righter Donald R. Rigone, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Riley Mr. Thomas J. Riley
Mr. Robert W. Riordan Ms. Johanna Rioux
Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Rish Douglas and Linda Rishel
Ms. Barbara A. Ritchey Mrs. Jane Rittelmann
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Ritter Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Rittle
Drs. Carolyn and Paul Rizza Mr. Richard J. Rizzo
Mr. David C. W. Roach Ms. Anne J. Robb
Mr. and Mrs. Barry N. Robb Linda and Jim Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Roberts Mrs. Anne Robertshaw
Mr. J. Michael Robertson Janet and Barrett Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brooks Robinson Jeffrey and Ronna Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Robinson Anonymous
Mr. Stephen G. Robinson Mr. Wayne Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Rock III Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Rockar, Jr.
Mrs. Elizabeth H. Rodewald Dr. Humberto L. Rodriguez-Camilloni
Mr. Gerald M. Roeder Mrs. Mary C. Roehrich
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Roemer James and Lucinda Rogers
Mr. Loren M. Rogers Mr. Bill Rogina
Bruce and Anne Rohrbach Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Roman
Mr. Thomas G. Roncevich and Ms. Sally Crawford Mr. William G. Rorison and Ms. Jill A. Hollingshead
Mr. William D. Rose Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Rosenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome L. Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Alvin A. Rosenfeld
Mr. Karl W. Rosengarth Nancy and Robert Rosenthal
Mrs. Kay F. Ross-Dobbertin John and Donna Rosser
Mr. John J. Rostock Dr. and Mrs. John D. Roth
Dr. and Mrs. William E. Rothfus Mrs. Judith Rothstein
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Rottschaeffer Dr. and Mrs. Wilfred T. Rouleau
Mr. Warren Rouse Mr. Fred H. Rubin
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Rubin Mr. Joe Rubin
Ms. Debra N. Rubinstein Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Rudd
Barry and Rosalie Rudert Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Rudge
Ms. Colleen C. Ruefle Ms. Mary M. Rukavina
Mr. Joseph E. Runser Mr. and Mrs. James S. Ruperto
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Rushworth Mrs. Carolyn S. Russ
Pat D. Russell Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Russman
Mr. Mark W. Rutherford and Ms. Melissa Dodge Mr. and Mrs. William H. Rutter
Ms. Mary L. Ruttle Ms. Nancy F. Ruttner
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Ryan Mr. John W. Ryba
Ms. Karen M. Ryder Ms. Mary A. Rylands
Ms. Marie A. Rys Mr. Joseph D. Saber
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Sabia, Jr. John Sabo and Alan Harmon
Ms. Mary J. Saccamango Mr. Bruce D. Sachnoff
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Sadd Paula and Donald Sager
Ms. Sue Sahli Mr. and Mrs. John G. Sain
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Salerno Ms. Ester Sales
Mrs. Hannah M. Salvatore Mrs. Mary P. Sambuco
Cathy and Gary Sams Mr. Dale E. Sams
Gary and Cathy Sams Mr. Bruce A. Samson
Mr. Norman L. Samways Dr. and Mrs. Gary J. San Julian
Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Sanderson Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Sanderson
Mr. and Mrs. Dan D. Sandman Aggie Sanker
Dr. Robert D. Sansom and Ms. E. L. Eligator Allen Frances Santos
Paula J. Santrach, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Santucci
Janet L. Sarbaugh and William J. McAllister Mr. and Mrs. Laurice F. Sargert
Ms. Joan M. Saroff Mr. Mark A. Sarver
Mr. Ronald J. Sarver Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Sauer, Jr.
Dr. Patricia L. Sauers Mr. William S. Saunders and Ms. Elizabeth A. Casman
Mr. Michael A. Sausser Mrs. Carol M. Savolaine
Joseph R. Sawyer Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Sawyer
Mr. Bernard K. Saydlowski, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William A. Sayles
Ms. Annette Scaccia Ms. Paula J. Scandrol
Mr. David J. Scatena Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Scavnicky
Dr. Barry M. Schaitkin and Dr. Sally Carty Mr. Stephen R. Schall
Mrs. Barbara G. Schanzle Ms. Virginia W. Schatz
Dr. and Mrs. David H. Schaub Mrs. Marilyn Schaub
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Schaughency Reverend Joseph C. Scheib
Dr. Michael F. Scheier and Dr. Karen A. Matthews Mr. Michael Schenz and Dr. Beverly Harris-Schenz
Dr. Melvin M. Schiff Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Schiller
Mrs. Elsa T. Schlentner Mr. Steven J. Schlick
Mrs. Nancy M. Schlumberger Mrs. Bonalyn G. Schmidt
Mrs. Linda E. Schmidt Mrs. Claire R. Schmieler
Paul and Jo Ann Schmitt Mr. and Mrs. George G. Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Schnelle Mrs. Elise M. Schnure
Ms. Eleanor L. Schoenberger Mr. and Mrs. Allen G. Schoener
Ms. Charlotte Schomburg David and Lynne Schreffler
Mr. James W. Schuetz Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Schultz
Glen and Nancy Schultz Mr. Brian E. Schwadron
Ms. Nancy Cockrell Schwarzkopf Mr. Charles E. Schwarzwaelder
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry P. Schweingruber Mrs. Linda G. Schweitzer
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Schwer III Dr. Lisa M. Schwerdt
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Scott Alice and J. David Scott
Mr. F. G. Scott and Mr. David Scott Mr. Gregg D. Scott
Ruth and Jack Scott Mr. Kevin G. Scott
Mr. Richard S. Scott John and Marguerite Scullin
Ms. Mary Ann Scutelis Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm B. Seaholm
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Seaman Mrs. Maralyn K. Segal
Drs. Gary and Janet SeGall Dr. and Mrs. David Segel
Mr. F. Ray Sekowski Mr. and Mrs. Martin I. Seltman
Mr. and Mrs. Guy H. Semmes Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Senger
Ms. Ila J. Sensenich Mr. Daniel T. Sentz
Christine and Duane Seppi Mr. William P. Seran and Ms. Carole Shanahan
Ms. Theresa A. Serniak Patricia Serotkin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Severin Wayne and Mary Severson
Regina and Charles Sewall Ms. Natalie A. Seweryn
Mrs. Phyllis F. Sexton Christopher and Candace Seymour
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Shader Mrs. Jacquelyn T. Shafer
Mr. Christopher B. Shaffer Elise and Ron Shaffer
Mrs. Nancy H. Shaffer Mr. James E. Shaftic
Ms. Anne Shaheen and Mr. Randall Tracht Mr. Ronald H. Shakely
Dr. and Mrs. Michael I. Shamos Mr. Gary M. Shannon
Nancy and Joel Shaper Laura Shapira-Karet and Tom Karet
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen N. Sharpless Dr. Robert Shaver and Ms. Joyce Jenkins
Mr. Robert C. Shaw Paul L. Shay, M.D. and Diana K. Lemley, M.D.
Mr. Sydney C. Sheaffer Mrs. Laurie Graham Shearer
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Shearer Ms. Joan Sheffler
Mrs. Mary-Catherine Sheffler Mr. John Shepard
Mr. Joseph R. Shepler Ms. Patricia Sherbondy
Mr. Gregory J. Sheridan Ms. Ida S. Sheriff
Mr. Donald G. Sherwood Mrs. Mary Anne P. Shiderly
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Shields Mrs. Mary L. Shields
Mr. Andrew L. Shiels Annette and Preston Shimer
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Shirley Daniel and Joanne Shively
Howard and Sarah Shockey Gregory and Kathy Short
Mr. J Edmund Shott III Ms. Barbara L. Shultz
Dr. Charles H. Shultz Mr. Wilfried Sieg and Ms. Gail Francis Sieg
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Siewiorek Mr. Jay N. Silberblatt
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Silberman Ms. Marion N. Silbert
Laurie and Timothy Silfies Mr. Frank C. Sillag and Ms. Carol Mihalek
Mr. James D. Silverman Mr. and Mrs. Lee H. Silverman
Mrs. Marjorie K. Silverman Dr. Jean M. Silvernail
Mr. Leonard Silvestre Mrs. Barbara A. Simanek
Ms. Lucy A. Simeoni Richard L. Simmons, M.D.
Mr. Michael J. Simon Mrs. J. Lea H. Simonds
Mr. and Mrs. David V. Sims Mr. and Mrs. Sam W. Sinderson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Singer Mr. and Mrs. Martin Singer
Jack and Dee Singleton Mr. Robert J. Sioa
Mrs. Nancy L. Sipe George and Jenny Siple
Mr. Marvin A. Sirbu Mr. and Mrs. Raymond N. Skaddan
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Skellie Mr. and Mrs. Robert Skena
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Skillen Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Skinner
Dr. and Mrs. M. L. Skolnick Mr. Samuel J. Sleigh
Ms. Elaine Small Joel and Judy Smalley
Matthew and Kimberly Smargiasso Mr. and Mrs. Dana E. Smith
Ms. Dorothy J. Smith Mr. James W. Smith, Jr.
Mrs. Margaret C. Smith Mrs. Marisa Smith
Ms. Mildred E. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Philip Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip H. Smith Mr. Robert A. Smith, Jr.
Mr. Stephen M. Smith Mr. Thomas E. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. W. Keith Smith Mr. Paul N. Smocer
Mr. Paul J. Smolak Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Smoliar
Marjorie Smuts Mrs. Phyllis S. Snedden
Mrs. Anne I. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. David R. Snyder
Dr. Donald B. Snyder Henry and Mary Snyder
Ms. Denise R. Sobel Mr. David Sogg and Ms. Lisa Parker
Edward Sohier and Gurney Bolster Mr. Joseph E. Soliwoda
Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Solomon Mrs. Joyce K. Somers
Kathy Jo and John Sommer Mr. Stephen Sonnenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Sopher Mr. David J. Sorg
Ms. Regina Sorisio Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Soukup
Mr. Donald J. Spaeder Mrs. Sandra M. Spagnola
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Spagnolli Drs. Harry and Ellen Spain
Ms. Nancy B. Speer Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Spence
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Alexander C. Speyer III
Mr. and Mrs. Holly W. Sphar, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Spindler
Ms. Loretta Spitz Ms. Florence Sprague
Nancy and Richard Springer James and Louise Sprowls
Katherine and Richard St. John Mr. Joseph R. Staahl
Mr. John L. Stack Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Stadnik
Mr. James P. Stafford Linda J. Stafford
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Stahl Mr. David M. Stahli
Stuart and Mary Staley Ms. Martha L. Stambaugh
Donna and Evangelos Stamoolis Mrs. Marguerite O. Standish
Mr. Robert G. Staney Dr. Rebecca A. Stanhope and Dr. Kenneth A. Lasota
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Stanley Mr. B. Timothy Stanny
Mr. Anthony P. Stanton Ms. Eleanor P. Stanton
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Stark Mr. Sidney Stark
Peter and Ida Sue Starke Mrs. Judith A. Starr
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Stasik John and Ruth Staudacher
Mr. and Mrs. Barry G. Stebbins Mrs. Isobel H. Steel
Ms. Marie E. Stefani Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stefanko
Ms. Euphemia H. Steffey John Steimer
Ms. Lisa A. Steimer Mr. David Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Stein Mr. Alan J. Steinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Steinberg Mr. John Stember
Mr. Mark H. Stenzel Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Stephanus
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Stephen Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Stephenson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Steranchak Dr. James H. Sterrett
Mr. William Stevens Mr. David H. Stevenson
Mr. Omar Steward Mrs. Carolyn A. Stewart
Mr. Charles E. Stewart Mr. George H. Stewart
Mr. James A. Stewart Mrs. Marcia M. Stewart
Ms. Susan Stewart Mr. Scott M. Stickney and Ms. Allison A. Kliber
Ms. Jo A. G. Stiffler Mr. and Mrs. Grant E. Stiffler
Ms. Christina M. Stile Ms. Donnan M. Stoicovy
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Stoklosa Dr. and Ms. John F. Stolz, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Stoner Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stoner
John D. Stoner, D.V.M. Dr. Becky Stoudt and Mr. Robert T. Stoudt
Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Stout Mr. Robert V. Stovash
Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Stover Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Stover
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Stover Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Stover
Mr. Malcolm Strachan William and Margie Strait
Kathleen Stratton Smith and Douglas Smith Ms. Sara A. Straub
Reverend and Mrs. Robert W. Strobel Mr. Leonard O. Strong
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Struble Ted and Patience Stubenbordt
Jim and Becky Studer Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Styborski
Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Suhr, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Sullivan
Sheran and Louis Summers Fred A. and Virginia F. Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sussman Mrs. Marian E. Swanson
Rachel and Lowell Swarts Mr. and Mrs. James E. Swartz, Sr.
Ms. Rebecca J. Sweeney and Mr. Ray A. Chesterfield Ms. Sandra B. Swegman
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Sweigart Mr. Richard R. Sweitzer
Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Swerdlow Mr. and Mrs. John R. Swinton
Ms. Michelle Switala Dr. and Mrs. William J. Switala
Ms. Jennifer Switzer Mr. James Syphers
Mr. Kenneth C. Syrko Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Tacznosky
Mr. Paul A. Taiclet Ms. Cathy Tankosic
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Tanner Terry and Judi Tanner
Jay and Mary Lou Tarara Richard and Karen Tarr
Ms. Carol L. Tasillo Mr. Frank J. Taucher
Mr. John Tautin, Jr. and Ms. Joan Galli Mr. and Mrs. Edmund B. Taylor
Mr. Leslie C. Taylor Shelley and James Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Volney Taylor Mr. Paul A. Teare
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Tedesco Mr. Dennis A. Telleck
Mrs. Marion G. Temple Mr. Benjamin B. Terner
Mr. Ronald J. Territ Mr. Thomas E. Teti
Mr. F. Leland Thaete Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Thieman
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Thomas Mr. James V. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Thomas Mrs. Katherine M. Thomas
Ms. Margaret A. Thomas Mr. Mark S. Thomas
Mr. Patrick Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Ralston W. Thomas
Suzanne and Stephen Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Thomassy, Jr.
Dr. Ann E. Thompson Clifford and Carolyn Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Helmut J. Thompson Ms. Kimberly A. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson Dr. Sue A. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. William J. M. Thompson Judge and Mrs. William W. Thomson, (Ret.)
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Thurn Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Thyreen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Tibbits Ms. Olive M. Tiller
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Timko, Jr. Mr. Stephen T. Timko
Mrs. Arlene C. Timmons Sam Tindall and Anne L. Brannen
Ms. Marian B. Tintelnot Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Tischer
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Tobin Mr. James F. Tokar
Mr. Richard A. Tokarsky Paul and Susie Toman
Mr. Robert J. Tomko Mr. John G. Tomovich, Jr.
Mr. Charles B. Tompkins Mr. David B. Torrey
John and Lindsay Totten Mr. Donald K. Toy
Ms. Lillian L. Tracey Mr. Timothy S. Trafalski
Ms. Susan M. Trapanese Dr. Neal D. Traven
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Treacher Ms. Rebecca S. Tree
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Trimbath Mr. and Mrs. Timothy B. Tritch
Dr. and Mrs. David E. Troxell Mr. David E. Truax
Mrs. Rose Trunzo Ms. Jacqueline A. Trzeciak
Mr. William B. Tunney Mrs. Linda L. Turk
Mr. H. Woodruff Turner Dr. and Mrs. Allan J. Tylka
Drs. Tom and Cathy Tyma Mr. Donald M. Ullmann
Mr. Darrell L. Ulsh Mr. Charles J. Ungar
John and Mary Unkovic Ms. Barbara A. Urban
Ms. Frances J. Urban Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Urban
Mr. J. Alan Urik Dr. and Mrs. J. Robert Utberg
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Utech James and Dorothy Valimont
Ms. Mary Van Buskirk Mr. and Mrs. Theo van de Venne
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Y. Van Horn Mr. and Mrs. E. Lincoln Van Sickel
Dr. and Mrs. Adrian R. Van Strien Mr. and Mrs. Hall G. Van Vlack
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Vandling Mrs. Grace B. VanDyke
Dr. and Mrs. Josef Vanek Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. VanFossan
Mr. Charles R. Vargo Mr. and Mrs. William A. Varley
John and Elaine Varmecky Mr. Daniel M. Vasko
Ms. Barbara A. Veazey Sybil P. Veeder, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Veghts Mrs. Lois M. Vellucci
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Veltri Mrs. Janet A. Verone
Marilyn and Joseph Vettorazzi Mr. and Mrs. Richmond Viall III
Mr. Steven S. Victor Ms. Dolores J. Vigilante
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Villastrigo Steve and Linda Vitale
Cate and Jerry Vockley The Honorable and Mrs. William F. B. Vodrey
Ms. Margaret D. Vogel and Mr. Marvin Friedman Mr. Ronald Vogelsanger
Reverend Betty Voigt Kathleen K. Voigt
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Volgstadt Charles and Carol Vollman
Dr. Joan Vondra and Dr. Thomas Chang Dr. and Mrs. John W. Vorberger, Jr.
Mr. Jack Voytko Mr. James F. Wachter
David and Sally Wade Lynda and Tom Waggoner
Mr. Andrew V. Wagner and Dr. Valerie Oke Ms. Mary J. Wagner
Dr. and Mrs. Norman J. Wagner Mr. Randall E. Wagner
Dr. and Mrs. William G. Walk Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Walker
Mr. Eugene Raymond Walker Mr. and Mrs. George P. Walker
Mr. James R. Walker and Ms. Jonnie Viakley Mrs. Deloris A. Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Wallace, Jr. Mrs. Deborah A. Waller
Jeffrey and Laurie Waller Mr. and Mrs. Jerry S. Walls
Mrs. Betty A. Walsh Mrs. Maryellen Walter
Mr. W. Timothy Walter Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Walters
Mr. David A. Walton Mr. and Mrs. Marc K. Walton
Ms. Mary L. Warchola Ms. Elizabeth R. Ward
Ms. Sandra L. Ward Dr. Barbara H. Ward and Mr. W. L. Ward
John and Lynn Warmus Mrs. Janet W. Warner
Ms. Suzanne F. Warnick John and Tricia Warrick
Mr. Charles B. Watkins Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Watkins
Mr. Stephen F. Wawrose and Ms. Sarah E. Kohl Mr. and Mrs. Steve W. Way
Ms. Jacqueline J. Weaver Dr. Lawrence Weber and Dr. Ellen Mandel
Mr. Marvin Wedeen Elisabeth and Jerry Weger
Helge and Erika Wehmeier Ms. Karen A. Wehner
Drs. John and Carla Weidman Mr. and Ms. Roy W. Weidner
Ms. Shirley J. Weigel Mr. Roy R. Weil and Dr. Mary Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Weiland Mr. Howard J. Wein and Ms. Susan R. Bails
Mr. Morris J. Weinbaum Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weiner
Mr. Lewis Weinfeld Mrs. Dena M. Weisbard
Mrs. Sharon L. Weisberg Ms. Carole A. Weitz
Mr. James M. Weitzel, Jr. Ms. Nancy Welfer
James and Virginia Welker Mr. David Weller
Mr. and Mrs. Edward V. Weller Mr. Travis Wellner
Ms. Faith Weppelman Mr. J. D. Werle
Dr. Richard D. Wertheimer Mr. Brendan J. Wesdock
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Wesolowski Mr. Harvey E. West
Barbara and Arthur Westerberg Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Wettick, Jr.
Ms. Heidi E. Wettlaufer Mr. Robert M. Wettstein
Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Wetzel Ms. Mary Ann Wharton
Ms. Leslie A. Wheeler Mr. Kenneth R. White
Ms. Mary Louise White Dr. Timothy S. White
Mrs. Virginia L. White Mr. and Mrs. Dwain Whited
Mr. George Whitmer and Mrs. Mariana Sonntag Mrs. Diane Whittier-Neely
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Wickline Ms. Eve M. Wider
Ms. Marian R. Wild Dr. Clayton Wiley and Mrs. Arlene Carbone-Wiley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Wille Dr. and Mrs. John E. Williams
Dr. John P. Williams Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Williams
Mr. Phil Williams Mr. David M. Williamson
Reverend Alfred W. Wilson Ellen S. Wilson and Fredric V. Price
Mrs. Gwendolyn H. Wilson Mrs. Jacqueline H. Wilson
Ms. Shirley J. Wilson Mr. Roy W. Wilt
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Wiltrout Mr. Thomas R. Wiltrout
Mrs. Joan Wilver Mr. Donald E. Wineland
Mr. Samuel A. Wingard William Winslow and Laurie Vernieri Winslow
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Winter Mr. Robert J. Winters
Dr. Douglas A. Wion Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Wirth
Drs. Arthur and Sharon Wirtz Paula Witkowski and Laszlo Petras
Dr. Tom S. Witt and Ms. Grethe A. Myles Mr. and Mrs. W. Gerald Witt
Mr. John P. Wojtyna and Ms. Lorelli Moser Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Wolf
Mr. James L. Wolfe and Ms. Loretta Opila Mrs. Kathleen E. Wolfe
Mark and Nancy Wolfe Mr. William F. Wolford, Jr.
Mrs. Tobey H. Wolken Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Wollman
Ms. Francie Woltz Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Wong
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Wood Ms. Janet Wood and Mr. Stephen Hudspath
Mrs. Mary A. Wood Dr. and Mrs. Samuel G. Woodings
Sarah K. Woodley and Peter E. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. George G. Woodworth
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Woolford, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Vernon T. Worrall, III , M.D.
Ms. Mary S. Worthington Mr. Michael R. Woshner
Anonymous Ms. Kathy J. Wright and Mr. Eugene H. Schmidt
Mr. Thomas L. Wright Mr. and Mrs. William T. Wright
Ms. Alice C. Wroblewski John G. and Joanne Wuchenich
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne F. Wuerl Dr. and Mrs. Glen G. Wurst
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Wyeth Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Wyse
George and Liz Wyszomierski Roberta and Robert Yaklich
Mrs. Betti A. Yanachik Mr. Howard W. Yant
Ms. Barbara Z. Yardum Mrs. Kerin N. Yates
Ms. Nancy H. Yauger Mrs. Helen S. Yealy
Dr. and Mrs. George Alan Yeasted Ms. Helen R. Yeisley
Mr. David J. Yerger Dr. and Mrs. John F. Yerger
Mr. and Mrs. Marc L. Yergin Mr. and Mrs. Virgil E. Yoder
Dr. and Mrs. Richard O. Yost Mr. J. F. Young and Ms. S. Barnett
Mr. Robert C. Yowan Ms. Mary T. Zabielski
Mr. Jason Zach Mr. Sam S. Zacharias
Mr. Randolph G. Zacour Mr. Robert D. Zacur
Mr. Clifford Zahn Mr. Richard G. Zahner
Ms. Janice Zahurak Ms. Marsha F. Zak and Mr. William Titus
Ms. Joanne Zamore Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Zapinski
Mr. and Mrs. Tony H. Zarger Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Zasloff
Ms. Marsha L. Zaval Henry and Jane Zazitski
Ronald and Mary Ann Zdrojkowski Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Zeglin
Michael G. Zeglinski and Georgina Gutierrez Jane L. Zeigler
Dr. and Mrs. Roger P. Zelt Mr. and Mrs. W. Dennis Zerega
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Ziegler Michael and Naomi Zigmond
Ms. Judith E. Zimmerman Patricia and Ronald Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy K. Zimmerman Ms. Sallie J. Zoerb
Jon and Kim Zolnier Dr. and Mrs. James R. Zuberbuhler
Mr. Alan R. Zubor Dr. and Mrs. David M. Zubrow
Mrs. Linda S. Zug Ronnie and Frederick Zuhlke
Mr. Russell Zukiewicz Mr. and Mrs. James N. Zumbo
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Zurn Anonymous (35)