Winter 2023

Preserving Biodiversity

Summer/Fall 2023

60 Years of Caring for Fallingwater

Winter 2022

90 Years of Conservation

Summer/Fall 2022

Climate Change And Our Work

Winter 2021

Restoration and Preservation

Summer/Fall 2021

WPC’s Preserves: Nearby Nature for All

Winter 2020

Protecting and Restoring Farmland

Summer/Fall 2020

Restoring Watersheds and Improving Water Quality for Future Generations

Winter 2019

Planting, Protecting and Caring for our Region’s Trees and Forests

Summer/Fall 2019

Fallingwater, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Winter 2018

Celebrating Pennsylvania’s
State Parks and Forests

Summer/Fall 2018

Local Connections

Winter 2017

Our Impact on the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Summer/Fall 2017

Engaging Every Generation

Winter 2016

Enjoying Nature

Spring 2016

Our Shared Legacy