Publications and Reports


Winter 2021

Restoration and Preservation

Summer/Fall 2021

WPC's Preserves: Nearby Nature for All

Winter 2020

Protecting and Restoring Farmland

Summer/Fall 2020

Restoring Watersheds and Improving Water Quality for Future Generations

Winter 2019

Planting, Protecting and Caring for our Region's Trees and Forests

Summer/Fall 2019

Fallingwater, now a UNESCO
World Heritage Site

Winter 2018

Celebrating Pennsylvania's
State Parks and Forests

Summer/Fall 2018

Local Connections

Winter 2017

Our Impact on the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Summer/Fall 2017

Engaging Every Generation

Winter 2016

Enjoying Nature

Spring 2016

Our Shared Legacy

Fall 2016

Improving Communities Through Green Infrastructure

Winter 2015

Wildlife in Focus

Fall 2015

Protecting Tomorrow Today

Spring 2015

The Laurel Highlands