Each year, thousands of volunteers help make the work of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy possible. See how people in our communities are making a difference by volunteering to protect and restore our region which helps keep Western Pennsylvania green and beautiful.

Meet Our Volunteers

ECHO Realty

Volunteering Since: 2011

“If you enjoy doing yard work, being active and doing physical labor, and meeting new people, you can’t go wrong with volunteering at a WPC garden! It’s the perfect volunteer opportunity! Definitely do it!"

Yvette Nelson

Volunteering Since: 2009

“It’s easy to stay motivated because Fallingwater is simply a magnificent place! The architecture and the setting engage all my senses, which makes Fallingwater 'my happy place'.”

Emily Tekelenburg

Volunteering Since: 2019

“The projects allow me to spend quality time with my family. I have been incredibly fortunate to have parents interested in enjoying outdoor places and the preservation of natural spaces."

Alan Hunninen

Volunteering Since: 2011

“Preservation of high-value sites, maintenance of reasonable public access and the comradeship of working with like-minded people keeps me energized and involved.”

Deb Shearer

Volunteering Since: 2005

“I love making our corner of the city beautiful.”

Dave Wynkoop

Volunteering Since: 2015

“This organization provides some very rewarding opportunities to sustain our outdoor environment.”

Patty Renwick

Volunteering Since: 2009

“I enjoy the physical work and meeting like-minded people who want to change the urban landscape and tree canopy in Pittsburgh.”

Julie Ewing

Volunteering Since: 2008

“I love the instant gratification of planting a big a tree in our neighborhood, and the pride I feel every time I see that tree.”

Trish Nichols

Volunteering Since: 2009

“The mission of WPC and Fallingwater is so important to protect and preserve our natural and architectural wonders.”

Bill and Donna Fitzpatrick

Volunteers Since: 2005

“One of the things we’ve enjoyed most about working at Bear Run and Fallingwater is that the Conservancy invests in its volunteers and makes us feel a part of the organization.”


Contact us today at 412-586-2356 | volunteer@paconserve.org

The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy considers applicants and volunteers without regard to race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, sexual preference, disability, marital status or veteran status.