Our Volunteers Matter

Volunteer Profiles

Each year, thousands of volunteers help make the work of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy possible. See how people in our communities are making a difference by volunteering to protect and restore our region which helps keep Western Pennsylvania green and beautiful.

Beverly Boogio

Knees in the dirt is the best form of unwinding and relaxing.

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Eric Chiu

It’s great to work with other people who are passionate about their community, and you build a strong bond with them through the hands-on work of volunteer events.

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Terry Christopher

I have always enjoyed the outdoors; however, working as a volunteer has opened my eyes to so many plants and species around us.

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ECHO Realty

If you enjoy doing yard work, being active and doing physical labor, and meeting new people, you can’t go wrong with volunteering at a WPC garden! It’s the perfect volunteer opportunity! Definitely do it!

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Julie Ewing

I love the instant gratification of planting a big a tree in our neighborhood, and the pride I feel every time I see that tree.

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Bill and Donna Fitzpatrick

One of the things we’ve enjoyed most about working at Bear Run and Fallingwater is that the Conservancy invests in its volunteers and makes us feel a part of the organization.

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Alan Hunninen

Preservation of high-value sites, maintenance of reasonable public access and the comradeship of working with like-minded people keeps me energized and involved.

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Leslie and Walt Krater

We have formed many friendships, and are always learning something new from both the staff and fellow volunteers, a lot of which we can apply to working on our own property.

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Yvette Nelson

It’s easy to stay motivated because Fallingwater is simply a magnificent place! The architecture and the setting engage all my senses, which makes Fallingwater 'my happy place'.

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Trish Nichols

The mission of WPC and Fallingwater is so important to protect and preserve our natural and architectural wonders.

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Pittsburgh Chinese Association Youth Center

We all had a sense of accomplishment after planting many trees, and we look forward to seeing them grow.

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Patty Renwick

I enjoy the physical work and meeting like-minded people who want to change the urban landscape and tree canopy in Pittsburgh.

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Elaine Riberich

People are always appreciative and express their thanks in many ways. One year there were painted rocks put in my gardens!

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Charlie Spence

The thing I enjoy most about volunteering with WPC is working with a garden in a heavily polluted location that, despite the odds, thrives every single year, and provides a bright spot in an otherwise gritty industrial area.

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Denise Taylor

It’s nice when someone beeps or stops to say how nice the garden is looking and how much they appreciate it.

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The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy considers applicants and volunteers without regard to race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, sexual preference, disability, marital status or veteran status.